"Born To Ride" Chapter 8

“Born To Ride”
Chapter 8: Found Ya!


Evianna got off the train at Wellington and headed for her Grandfather’s barn. Her cousin, Dave, was shocked to see her. Dave was 20 years old and living with his grandparents after he had dropped out of college 2 years ago and didn’t have the courage to face his parents. He studied at a community college not far from the barn and was studying to become a mechanic. 

“Evi? Ivy?” Dave said as he saw Evianna coming up the driveway. Evianna brought Ivy into the stables and ran over to Dave hugging him tightly.

“I don’t want to go back there Dave! Dad is being so unfair. I’m perfectly fine from my injuries and he’s always pressuring me. Academics, dance, sports and he takes the one sport I truly care about, Horseback riding. He’s trying to protect me but instead, making me go insane. I’m so sick and tired of the nagging and…”

“Come on inside, night’s coming down. You can talk to me in there. Oh and I have a surprise for ya,” Dave said, bringing Evianna inside. 


“We rode for 4 hours straight to get here. Thoroughbreds is one of the fastest breeds of horses, did you know that?” Nathaniel said, sitting down in Evianna’s grandfather’s couch. 

“Why’d we do that, because our foolish best friend from we were little had the nerve to run away from home.” Marcus said, glaring at Evianna.

“Marcus, I’m not going back. It isn’t just today, It’s everyday, constant nagging in my ears.  Both of my parents. The pressure is too great. Expecting me to be perfect, taking things out of my life. Father saw me and knew I was okay but still took out unnecessary anger on me. He did it because of his own fear even though he knew I would be perfectly fine!” Evianna shouted. 

“If you don’t come back, Tatianna might be really affected. Your mother might lose her mind, and who knows what your brother and father might do to me? I might even go mad too and I’m already crazy as it is,” Marcus said, laughing at his last remark.

“I’d probably tear down the city,” Nathaniel said, nudging Evianna.

“Alright, but only because of you guys and Tatianna,” she said laughing.


“You three must be starving, come on, let’s eat,” Evianna grandma said putting her arm around Evianna. 

“Yes, all that has made me hungry. Do you have any fried frog legs? No? Oh well, any stewed lizard? Evianna, why are your grandparents looking at me weird? Oh alright, I’m just kidding around. Let’s eat fried cockroaches. Alright, Alright, I’ll stop.” Marcus said after Nathaniel smacked his arm. 

Evianna rolled her eyes at him. Forever he’ll be Marcus, which means forever, he’ll be an idiot. Evianna laughed at the thought of it.

Around 12am that night, Evianna woke up to find her cousin, Dave in the couch. 


“Yeah, peanut?” Dave said. She got that nickname because she was super tiny when she was born and it stuck with her.

“Aren’t you going to go back home one day?” she asked. 

“I don’t have the courage to face my parents again,” he said, looking at the floor. 

“I’m sure they would welcome you back in with open arms. We all make mistakes.”


“No Evi, you would not understand. The mistake I made was greater than you could ever imagine.”

“What did you do?” she asked. 

“Nuh uh, I’m not saying,” Dave said, shaking his head. 

“Well, at least give them a call. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you,” Evianna said.

“You think?” Dave said. 

“You’ve had a change of heart. You’ll be forgiven and your parents will welcome you with open arms.”

“Thanks ‘cous. Now why are you up?” Dave said.

“I can’t sleep,” Evianna said, leaning back on the chair and the two laughed. 


“So…you must be very special to those two boys,” Dave said, with a smirk.

“Yup. We’re best friends,” Evianna said. 

“What about that other dude? Marcus, I think his name was,” Dave said.

“Best friends,” Evianna replied.

“You sure? He seemed to be giving you a certain, look,” Dave said. 

“Boi!!!” Evianna shouted. “¡No tengo ningún interés en Marcus! Claro que es dulce y guapo, pero ¡No! ¡Somos mejores amigos! Si lo hiciera, tuviera interés, ¡TODOS SABÍAN POR SABER! MUCHACHO NO ME DEJES COMENZAR!!!” 

“I don’t speak Spanish. Translate,” Dave said. 

“Oh no no no, Not today. Goodnight,” Evianna said getting up from the chair and running right back to her room.

“She just doesn’t get it. She’s still young,” Dave said, picking up his glass of water.

“¡ESCUCHÉ ESO!” Evianna ‘shouted’, but quietly, trying not to wake up the others. 

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"Born To Ride" Chapter 8

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