“Born To Ride” Chapter 2 and….Character Reveal!!!

Chapter 2- ” I Don’t Think That’s Gonna Work…”


“Nathaniel?” Evianna asked as she sat straight up on the bed. It had been 4 weeks and she was finally able to come out of the hospital.

“My dad gave me his truck so I’m picking you up from this dungeon,” he said.

“So, where is everyone?” Evianna asked.

“You’ll see. Alright, let me help you up. There we go. You’re super light,” Nathaniel laughed.

“Should I take that as a compliment or…”

“Compliment,” Nathaniel said. He helped her into the truck and loaded the back.

“I swear. You and Marcus need to do something about this truck. What is that, Popeyes box?” Evianna complained.

“That’s exactly why we don’t bring you and Tatianna in here. You both are like two miserable old women,” Nathaniel smirked.

“I prefer, 2 young ladies,” Evianna said rolling her eyes.

They pulled up in the driveway and Nathaniel helped her into the wheelchair. When they got in, everyone shouted “SURPRISE!”

“WHAT!” Evianna said smiling. “Oh Woah!” she started to laugh so hard.

The party was a hit. They had a whole lot of fun. Evianna told Tatianna all about the Hospital.

“I mean, the food was good and like this really cute guy would bring it every day. He’d smile when he comes in unlike Nurse Jipson. Sometimes if I couldn’t manage, he or the nurse would feed me. I personally preferred him. He took his time. The nurse would just shove it in my mouth.”

“Ooouuu so you had a boyfriend at the hospital?”

“Who had a boyfriend in the hospital?” Nathaniel said.


“Nobody had a boyfriend in the hospital,” Evianna said glaring at Tatianna who burst out laughing. Nathaniel and Marcus then started laughing. 

“So, I groomed Ivy this morning just in case you might want to sit on her or pat her,” Marcus said.

“Which leads to my present,” Nathaniel said handing a wrapped box to Evianna.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have..”

“I’ll take it ba-”

“Gimme that. A NEW SADDLE! WITH MY NAME ENGRAVED! NATHANIEL!” Evianna screamed.

“You’re welcome. Shall we try it?” he asked. Evianna, Tatianna, Nathaniel and Marcus went out to the stable. Marcus and Nathaniel helped Evianna up on Ivy. 

“This saddle is quite comfy,” she said. She held the reins with her left arm. Nathaniel took a part of the reins and led her out. But after a few minutes, she started to feel sick.

“Nat, I don’t feel so..” she said and fell right off the horse onto the floor.

“EVI! Marcus, get her mom,” Nathaniel shouted as he stooped down to pick up Evianna.

Evianna woke up in her room.

“Honey, I don’t think it’s safe for you to ride Ivy again,” her mom said to her.

“Ok mom, but one question, who’s Ivy?”

So…CLIFFHANGER!!? Maybe?? lol.
Here’s a picture of Evianna!! I’ll post a picture of another character in Chapter 3!!
What do you guys think of Chapter 2?
What’s going to happen between the Ivy and Evi, horse and rider duo!?!
See ya later guidesters!




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“Born To Ride” Chapter 2 and….Character Reveal!!!

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