"Born To Ride" Chapter 7

“Born To Ride” Chapter 7: “Search Party”


“What do you mean she’s gone?” Elijah shouted. 

“She’s not in her room, which is literally where she went. She’s not in any other room. She’s literally gone!” Nathaniel shouted.

“So let her go! She didn’t want to stay obviously,” Ashlyn said. 

“Ashlyn!” Evianna’s mother said, smacking Ashlyn on her hand. 

“Alright! Alright! We have to find her,” Ashlyn said, rolling her eyes. Her father pinched her ear. 

“Sorry!” Ashlyn cried out. 

“This girl has got some nerve!” Elijah said, tightening his fists.

“As usual,” Ashlyn said, fuming with anger.


Everyone raced outside but Nathaniel dialed Marcus to come over, which he did. They both ran right around to the stables. 

“No No No!” Marcus shouted. “She’s got some nerve!” Evianna was gone with Ivy. 

“She couldn’t be gone far,” Nathaniel said, “It’s only been 35 minutes now. Where could she be?” Then they saw them. Horse Tracks. They jumped their own horse and followed the tracks but they stopped around the train station. 

“I forgot they lived so close to here,” Marcus said. They jumped off the horse and ran to the station. “Has Evianna Willis been around here?” he asked the Booking Clerk. “Short brown hair, tanned skin, medium height. She may have also boarded with her a tan, brown, deep black-haired mare?”

“Yes, she boarded the train to Wellington and it left 5 minutes ago,” the clerk answered.

“How is she so fast! She’s like a lightning bolt!” Marcus shouted. He knocked his fist against the wall angrily, scraping it a bit. He clutched his hand in pain. “Ouch! Anyways, when does the train get back?”

“In about 5 hours,” she answered

“How long would it take us to get there by a horse?” Nathaniel asked.


“Horses may move faster than the trains so about 3-4 hours?”

“Do you have any apples?” Marcus asked.

“Yes, a whole gift basket of them,” the clerk said, rolling her eyes. 

“I could buy them from you,” Nathaniel said.

“No need. Here take them. So is she you guys’ sister?”

“You wish,” Nathaniel muttered under his breath.

“Excuse me?” the clerk asked.

“No, she’s our best friend,” Marcus said smirking. 

“You must really love her huh?”

“Love is a strong word,” Marcus said, scratching the back of his head, his cheeks turning very red. Nathaniel noticed and nudged him, then pointed to his cheeks. Marcus regained his composure. “Thank you for the apples and your help. Goodbye ma’am,” he said.

The two boys hopped back on their horses and started their journey. Nathaniel decided to tease Marcus a bit.

“Never seen you blush before?”

“Um…me, nah, I wasn’t blushing,” Marcus said nervously.

“Ya know, Evianna’s not that bad. She’s pretty, smart, determined…”

“Idiotic. Who runs away from home after hearing they can’t ride again? It’s not like your life’s put on pause. It’s not a big deal.”

“Trust me, telling Evianna she can’t ever ride again is like telling her she’ll die in 2 days,” Nathaniel said smirking.

“She’s a real idiot. Anyone would…. never mind,” Marcus said.

“Anyone would what?” Nathaniel smirked.

“Hiyah! Giddy Up Speedy. Let’s go, boy!” Marcus said, riding off, trying to escape Nathaniel and his tricky ways.

“You can’t escape me, bro!” Nathaniel smirked. “Hiyah! Go, Blaze, Go!”


So, what do you think? Unnecessary chapter? Anyways, what do you guys think? Where has Evianna run off to? Do you think Marcus and Nathaniel will find her? Later people!



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"Born To Ride" Chapter 7

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