“Born To Ride” Character Page

Hey fellow Guidesters!
So, I made my Character pages for my series. Please give me your feedback to how I could improve it, if needed. (I added the pics as well)
Here we go…..


A spunky, kind, pretty and sweet girl. She loves horses, hanging out with her bff’s and especially teasing Marcus.

Meaning of Name: “The Living One” (Mixture of Eve and Anna)

Nicknames: Evi, Peanut

Age: 16

Older Brother: Elijah

Younger Sister: Adalyn

Older Cousin: Dave

Horse’s name: Ivy



She’s smart, quick, beautiful and a real stylist. She also loves horses and hanging out with her bff’s. She loves designing clothes as well. 

Meaning of Name: “To Be Honourable”

Age: 16

Nicknames: Tati

Horse’s name: Mysty



He’s kind, smart, sometimes flirtatious, handsome and troublesome. He’s a horse lover. He also loves hanging with, joking around and teasing Tatianna and Evianna and having ‘bro-time’ with Nathaniel. He also protects Evianna and Tatianna, his girl best friends.

Meaning of Name: “Polite, Shining”

Age: 16

Nicknames: Marc

Horse’s name: Speedy





He’s brilliant, funny and handsome. He’s also a horse lover. He loves helping out his friends and his ‘bro-time’ with Marcus. He’s also protective of his girl best friends, Tatianna and Evianna.

Meaning of Name: “Given By God”

Age: 16

Nicknames: Nath

Horse’s Name: Blaze




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“Born To Ride” Character Page

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