“Born To Ride” Chapter 11

“Born To Ride”
Chapter 11- Just Plain Cruelty


“WHAT!”  Marcus said jumping out of his bed. He started to pull on his shirt. “What do you mean missing, have you checked all over the field and stables?”

“There is not one inch of this stables I have not checked!” Evianna said, worrying. “Just ride on over here would you?”

“Ok, We’re coming,” Nathaniel said. 5 minutes later, 4 very disturbed friends were around Evianna’s stables.

“This is crazy! The stables were closed before I left! How could she have escaped?!” Evianna said when the boys came over

“She was probably horse-napped,” Nathaniel said chuckling

“Horse-napped? Seriously??” Tatianna said, fuming with anger.

“Well, she’s not a kid anymore, I mean, the mare could have kids so… Alright alright, I’ll stop,” Marcus smirked. 

“Anyways, did you see this? It’s a Jade beaded bracelet. Jade is a chinese bead. In Kindergarten 3, the girls made these bracelets, with Mrs. Ramen’s help. I remember I saw her with the same bracelet yesterday at school,” Evianna said. 

“So does Mykel and Tasia and Rihanna,” Marcus said. “Almost all the girls have that bead in a bracelet.” 

“Those are fake. They weren’t at our kindergarten. Nathaniel, me, and Kathryn are the only people from Hillside Kinder. Miss gave us girls the real diamonds I know the difference between fake and real. Nath, remember after Mrs.Raimen died, we girls all pledged to wear the bracelet every day, I made it into a necklace though,” Evianna said, pulling out the necklace from under her shirt. Nathaniel shook his head in remembrance of their late Kindergarten teacher. 

“Why would Kathryn horse-nap Ivy?” Nathaniel said. “C’mon, she’s not that bad!” 

“Kathryn will do whatever it takes to win because she knows that Ivy is way faster than Skai and it would force Evi to either forfeit and look like a fool or use another horse and get disqualified which would also be embarrassing,” Tatianna said, and Evianna tightened her hand with anger while holding the bead in the same hand. Marcus placed his hand around Evianna’s shoulders. He looked around and noticed something. 

“Look, I found footprints,” Marcus said. Evianna hopped on Marcus’ horse, Speedy and Nathaniel hopped unto Blaze and Tianna hopped on her horse Mysty and followed them. They stopped right at the train station. Evianna read a sign, “Horses to be delivered to the Wellington Knackery to be boarded here↓”. Then she realized the train wasn’t there. When she realized fully what the sign said she started to cry. Nathaniel got so angry and Marcus almost fell off his horse in anger and amazement. 

“That witch!” Tatianna scowled. 

“I can’t believe it! Kathryn sent Ivy off to be killed!”

Welp- not one of the best stories on this forum but I’m sure it’s not one of the worst, right? Anyways, guys, please, help me out. Give me your feedback. I know cooldude likes the story, Khriz thinks it’s a High School Horse Story Opera, Jo says it’s good, Breyer horses said it’s fine just a few mistakes but anyone else? What do the other peeps think? Whether it’s positive or negative I really don’t mind. It helps me to write better stories in the future and to improve this one. Alrighty, bye guys!!!



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“Born To Ride” Chapter 11

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