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Story Of The Week Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsHumor

Olive Branches, Chapter 12

I sigh. The cast is really holding me back, but that’s probably my fault.

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Imaginative Story Adventure

Shipwreck, Chapter 4

I was stranded. Done for. No hope whatsoever…
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsMystery

The Little House On The Hill Chapter 1

The little house was so mysterious, Anne had…
True Story AdventureChristian BeliefsFriendships

Finding Daisy

Would we ever find Daisy..........?
True Story Christian BeliefsPersonal Growth

God’s Love

Fairer than lilies of the field....
Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsPersonal Growth

Olive Branches, Chapter 13

I start walking but turn around to see…
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsPersonal Growth

A Happy New Year, Part 2

"And, PLEASE tell me, Who in the world…
Imaginative Story AdventureBiographyChristian Beliefs

Broken Faith, Chapter 2

An x-ray confirmed that my leg was broken.
Imaginative Story Adventure

Shipwreck, Chapter 3

The water was quickly filling up…
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsMystery

Into The Dark Zone

In their scariest adventure yet, Bob and Rob…
Imaginative Story Humor

Just laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Top Stories This Month

Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsMystery

Life at This New School. Part 5 + Bully’s and Darius reveal!

Will Rebekah have a fun Monday at school?…
True Story Friendships

“Born To Ride” Chapter 2 and….Character Reveal!!!

"Nathaniel?” Evianna asked as she sat straight up…
True Story AdventureChristian BeliefsHumor

The Missing Lego

Have you ever collected something? Here is the…
True Story Humor

The caterpillar on picture day

She looked at the window with dismaying that…
True Story FriendshipsHumor

Olive Branches, Chapter 1

Then, as loudly and dramatically as possible I…
Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsHistory

Life at this new school, Part 3 Thanksgiving Special

Learn about Thanksgiving with Rebekah, and her friends…
Imaginative Story Awkward SituationsChristian BeliefsFriendships

Summer Camp Payne, Parts 1-22

Catch up on any chapters you missed in…
True Story Christian BeliefsHistory

No Gas

Trapped at a rest stop. No Gas. How…
Imaginative Story FriendshipsHumorPersonal Growth

Olive Branches Chapter 2

As he looks at the class he points…
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsFriendships

Curly Does His Hair

"They're bullies Curly. There's nothing wrong with your…

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