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Story Of The Week Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsFriendships

Rescue on the River

Will Olivia be able to save the drowning filly before it's too late?

What's New

Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsFriendships

The Secret Forest (part 3)

Follow freinds Gary, Scott, and Susan as they.......
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendshipsMystery

The Case of the Missing Pizza, Chapter 4

The truth hung heavy in the air.
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian Beliefs

Cold Shoulder

It was the worst that could have happened…
True Story AdventureBiographyChristian Beliefs

Bad Boy From Coney Island: The Ron Halverson Story

Gang life and God. Only a miracle could…
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsFriendships

The Secret Forest (part 2)

Follow freinds, Gary, Scott, and Susan as they......
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendshipsHumor

The Blame Game, Chapter 6

“RUN!!!” she shouted, grabbing Alyssa’s arm and hurrying…
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendshipsHumor

The Silent Knights of Time, The Mysteries at Christmas

“What–happened–in–here?” I ask, feeling a surge of adrenaline…
True Story AdventureFriendshipsMystery

The Blame Game – Chapter 5

“Oh, no. Oh, no!” she shrieked. ‘What have…
Imaginative Story FriendshipsNature

The Shepherd and the Lamb

A lamb describes how he feels when with…
Imaginative Story Adventure

Made for This, Series 1: Gymnastics, Chapter 2

"Kimberly! Kimberly! KIMBERLY!" they cheered.

Top Stories This Month

Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsPersonal Growth

Olive Branches, Chapter 14

“By the way,” the janitor adds, “I know…
Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsMystery

The Blame Game – Chapter 4

"Have you completely lost it?!”
Imaginative Story FriendshipsPersonal Growth

Olive Branches, Chapter 15

I’m afraid they’ll find out about the divorce…
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendships

The Little House On The Hill, Chapter 3

Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsHumor

Life at this new school. New adventures. Book 1, Fruit of the Spirit. Chapter 1, Love

Will Rebekah and her friends be able to…
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendships

Upside Down, Chapter 2

On the school bus.
Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsPersonal Growth

The Lost Bible

This story is about how important living with…
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsMystery

The Little House On The Hill

Time for adventure!
True Story FriendshipsHumor

Olive Branches, Chapter 1

Then, as loudly and dramatically as possible I…
Imaginative Story Awkward SituationsChristian BeliefsFriendships

Summer Camp Payne, Parts 1-22

Catch up on any chapters you missed in…

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