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True Story AdventureBiographyChristian BeliefsInspirationalPersonal Growth

Bad Boy From Coney Island: The Ron Halverson Story

Gang life and God. Only a miracle could…
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsFriendshipsHumor

The Secret Forest (part 2)

Follow freinds, Gary, Scott, and Susan as they......
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendshipsHumorMysteryPersonal Growth

The Blame Game, Chapter 6

“RUN!!!” she shouted, grabbing Alyssa’s arm and hurrying…
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendshipsHumorMystery

The Silent Knights of Time, The Mysteries at Christmas

“What–happened–in–here?” I ask, feeling a surge of adrenaline…
True Story AdventureFriendshipsMystery

The Blame Game – Chapter 5

“Oh, no. Oh, no!” she shrieked. ‘What have…
Imaginative Story FriendshipsNature

The Shepherd and the Lamb

A lamb describes how he feels when with…
Imaginative Story Adventure

Made for This, Series 1: Gymnastics, Chapter 2

"Kimberly! Kimberly! KIMBERLY!" they cheered.
True Story Christian BeliefsHistory

John Bunyan

John Bunyan never gave up on God
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsFriendshipsNaturePersonal Growth

Rescue on the River

Will Olivia be able to save the drowning…
Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendships

Chapter 19, Olive Branches

This must be the most stressful class I’ve…
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendships

Upside Down, Chapter 5

The evening had been fun and laid-back, and…
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendshipsHumorMystery

The Secret Forest

Follow freinds, Gary, Scott, and Susan as they…
True Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsHumorPersonal Growth

Cold Shoulder

It was my brothers birthday, but how could…
Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsPersonal Growth

Is She For Real?

Connor was in for a surprise...
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendshipsHumorMystery

The Case of the Missing Pizza, Chapter 3

Sammy, Lily, and Max exchanged a knowing glance—this…
Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsMysteryPersonal Growth

A Christmas to Remember – Chapter 3

Was a dress too much to ask for......?
Imaginative Story Adventure

Made For This, Series 1: Gymnastics, Chapter 1

"Mom, I've got to go!" Kimberly's eyes shined.…
Imaginative Story Adventure

The Case of the Missing Pizza, Chapter 2, The Pizza Contest Conundrum

They were about to go on a quest…
Imaginative Story AdventureBiographyChristian BeliefsHumor

From Awesome Optimism To Avid Realism – Chapter 1

“First day of high school!” her mom shouted,…
Imaginative Story Adventure

Shipwreck, Chapter 5 (Final Chapter)

I had been rescued!
True Story Adventure

The Courageous Queen

The queen's hands shook as she pulled on…
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