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True Story AdventureInspirationalPersonal Growth

Man Trap!

When Red looked down from the top of…
Imaginative Story AdventureHumor

Snuffles’s Day

There once was a kitten named Snuffles
True Story Humor

The caterpillar on picture day

She looked at the window with dismaying that…
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsFriendshipsMystery

Living Without Fear | 1

Emmet crouched under the table, shivering with fear.…
True Story Awkward SituationsFriendships

The Valentine’s Mystery

Here’s one of my middle schooler Valentine’s Day…
True Story Awkward SituationsChristian BeliefsFriendships

Derringer in the Dining Hall

She never had done anything really bad—not terrible…
True Story BiographyChristian BeliefsFriendshipsHistoryTop Stories

Kilauea Erupts!

Stephen Arrington's childhood dream was to be diver…
True Story

The other nameless chapter2

Idk if the other chapter is gonna be…
True Story Awkward SituationsBiographyBonus FeaturesChristian BeliefsFriendships

Le next nameless chapter 1

Hello y’all ! I have not posted in…
True Story BiographyChristian BeliefsInspirationalTop Stories

No Meeting Tonight

“That’s strange,” Mrs. Sterner wondered aloud. “The weather…
True Story

World Says vs. God Says

The world says "be busy”
Imaginative Story NaturePoetry

Where are the Rabbits?

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted…
True Story FriendshipsHistory

“Born To Ride” Chapter 12

"That girl’s got some nerve, I swear!” Nathaniel…
True Story


Hi! This is my first time writing on…
True Story AdventureHumor

Mission to Mars 2

shouted, pacing the length of the living room.…
True Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsPersonal GrowthTop Stories

Explosions and a Miracle

The girls had been burning trash to help…
True Story AdventureHumor

Mission to Mars 1

buzzed, and Martin took a careful peek under…
True Story

Chapter 3 no title yet :(

Hellooooooooooooo everyone! So I haven’t thought of a…
True Story

“Born To Ride” Chapter 11

"WHAT!”  Marcus said jumping out of his bed.…
True Story


Hello everyone ! so I drew this and…
Imaginative Story Poetry

What is an artist? St. Francis of Assisi explains…

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