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Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsMystery

Life at This New School. Part 5 + Bully’s and Darius reveal!

Will Rebekah have a fun Monday at school?…
True Story AdventureBiographyChristian BeliefsInspirationalPersonal Growth

Bad Boy From Coney Island: The Ron Halverson Story

Gang life and God. Only a miracle could…
Stay Out of My Room!
True Story Awkward SituationsPersonal Growth

Stay Out of My Room!

"What do you want to do now?” I…
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsFriendshipsHumor

Life at this new school. New adventures, Book 1, The Fruit of the Spirit, Chapter 2, Joy.

Will Rebekah herself have a good time helping…
Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendshipsHumorPersonal Growth

Life at this new school. New adventures. Book 1, Fruit of the Spirit. Chapter 1, Love

Will Rebekah and her friends be able to…
The Bull That Preached
True Story AdventureChristian BeliefsInspirational

The Bull That Preached

Pastor Timothy, I need your advice." Nathaniel's furrowed…
The Never-to-Be-Forgotten Birthday
True Story Personal Growth

The Never-to-Be-Forgotten Birthday

Here's a chapter from Guide's Greatest Hero Stories,…
True Story Bonus Features

The World’s Smallest Pathfinder Club

By Christina Dotson Do four people even count…
Night of "The Thing"
True Story

Night of “The Thing”

The aroma of freshly baked banana-nut bread filled…
True Story Pathfinder

Every Ounce Counts!

I want you to try an experiment. Find…
True Story


"I don't believe it. I don't believe it!"…
True Story Humor

Pool Rules

Summer is almost here, so it seemed like…
True Story Humor

Creature Discomfort

Snakes and I never got along very well.…
True Story Bonus Features

The Story of Desmond T. Doss, Chapter 1

Hey, look at the preacher!" A sarcastic voice…
True Story Pathfinder

Ride the Distance

January 14 launched a new column in the…
True Story Pathfinder

Master It!

May and June are typically the time of…
Don't Get Burned
True Story

Don’t Get Burned

I've done a lot of dumb things in…
Sticky Situation
True Story

Sticky Situation

Mr. Thomson wanted to go home, but he…
True Story Bonus Features

The Trouble With Gavin, Chapter 4: Something Smells

The story so far: Gavin, diagnosed with Legg…
True Story

The Whale’s Tail

"There's something fishy going on around here," Tony…
True Story Humor

Encounter With the CIE

By now, if you’re like most Guide readers,…
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