Master It!


May and June are typically the time of year that most clubs have an
investiture service. Investiture is when everyone “graduates.” You’ve
finished your class level and receive all the patches and pins to show your
achievements. But what do you do after everything is said and done? Some of
you will be just moving up one class, others will be becoming TLTs (Teen
Leadership Training in grades 9-12) and others might be considering Master
Guide (and if you’re the last one thanks for continuing to read Guide magazine). Wherever you are on your journey, the Path has
really just begun. This weekend I want you to look at the Master Awards.


Whether it’s today or tomorrow, you will shape the future of Pathfinders
and your church. Become the greatest that God has called you to be. God
bless and Godspeed as we draw closer to His return each day.

Photo by Yorkali Walters.

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Master It!

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