Comic collection by Randy Fishell.

Meet Tucker Barnes, a boy who has heaps of faith but not a lot of brains.

Tucker Barnes Collection

Tucker Barnes and the Belt of Truth

You've heard of "The Bible Belt." Tucker gives it a whole new meaning.

Tucker Barnes Is Annoying

Could you repeat that?

Tucker Barnes: Say It Ain’t So

Where have all the heroes gone?

Tucker Barnes: Blind Ambition

He’s got that right.

Tucker Barnes: A Self-made Man

He's a real go-getter.

Tucker Barnes: Intro to Me

Let's talk about my favorite subject.

Tucker Barnes: How Many Times?

Say it again, man.

Tucker Barnes: Spell You Later

Everyone is an editor.

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Tucker Barnes: Do You Need a Lift?

Tucker and friends hopes you have a blessed new year!

Tucker Barnes: Getting Famous

Tucker may be winning at the fame game.


Tucker Barnes: The Hair Pair

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Tucker Barnes: Local Accent

He's looking pretty slick.

Tucker Barnes: Game of Palindromes

There's something about that name.

Tucker Barnes: The Podcast? (9)

Snooze alarm.

Tucker Barnes: Discussion Question

I feel sorry for the goat. He never gets included in Christmas nativity plays and now this.

Tucker Barnes: Low Art

Is it contagious?

Tucker Barnes’s Gift Comes Up Short

It's the thought that counts, unless there was no thought at all.

Tucker Barnes: Three Not-So-Wise Men

But wait, there's myrrh.

Tucker Barnes: Under the Sea

I'll pass on the seafood buffet.

Tucker Barnes: Mayflower Moment

Make this Thanksgiving the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).

Tucker Barnes: What do you knead?

This podcast looks like a waist of time.

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