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Feb 15

Main Goals in Life

My main goal is to be able to make the world a better place for humanity be a missionary and part time christian music artist and follow God wherever he leads me💙

4 9 225

Molly Hamstra

May 16


If you want to chat with girls and not worry about boys seeing, then maybe try having a chat group with your friends who are girls. This kind of thread is famous for not working on Guide, haha. 


0 3 25


4 days ago

Japanese christian music!

HI, I was wondering if any of you also listened to christian music in Japanese, let me know your favorite songs in the comments🤍❤️

0 0 1


4 days ago

Summer camp ?

Hi, I'm volunteering at an adventist summer camp this year, and wondered if any of yall are going to camp or volunteering, anyways, have a blessed summer, let me know in the comments🩵💙💚

0 0 1

Joel Diaz

Feb 05, 22


I think that Greek is a fascinating language, it would be interesting to learn so that you could read the new testament in its original language!, understanding the ancient Greek culture can give us insights as to what it was like in the ancient world in Paul's time, and to me that's pretty cool💜

0 4 264

Jilian Mupfupi

Mar 04, 21

God, I and my parents(and love)
  1. First of all you need to pray about what God wants for your life, if he wants you together he will help your parents to see your side of things, just hang in there, God always works things out for our the good in our lives🧡
0 1 401


Jul 23

Dear Guys - Sincerely, the Girls
  1. Don't do silly things to get a girls attention,  most will just look at you weird and question your sanity🙃,  be sure to lift the girl up in your conversations with her, we like it when someone believes in us🙂, and don't be overly serious or overly silly, there's a good in-between. Be confidant and most of all keep God in your heart, he will tell you the right steps to take😊.
4 3 672

Issayah Ray

Jan 26, 16

Bible Trivia or, probably, JESUS.
0 10 2,249

Kim Peckham

Oct 22, 21

The Chat is Back! Do they also happen on Sabbath?
3 12 544

Nathan Honore

Jul 01, 14

Name that spouse Now the next 1 is Aquila
0 51 9,186

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