Ride the Distance

January 14 launched a new column in the print magazine about Pathfinders! In the first article I’d like to note a minor correction. The word “rode” regarding my oldest brother should be “summited”. Meaning he climbed, as in hiking, not on a bicycle. Both would be equally impressive but I am unaware if there is anywhere in the world that you can ride to top of five 14,000 ft mountains in a single day.

I have the Cycling Honor and getting the 50 miles (80k) in a single day was not an easy task. I never went after the advanced level because you have to do 100 miles (160k) in a single day. Oddly enough most true cyclists and especially competitive cyclists ride over a 100 miles daily to prepare for races. Something that each us are more than capable of doing if we chose to achieve it.

Grab a pen a paper and write down and answer the following: What is your goal for today? This week? This month? This year? Now stick that piece of paper in the back of your Bible, we’ll talk about this more in the future.

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Ride the Distance

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