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True Story

Paragraph from a Story Starter

Once the dust settled, I looked myself over.…
True Story

"Born To Ride" Chapter 8

Evianna got off the train at Wellington and…
True Story

Art and the Big Oak Tree

There once was a little fire hydrant named…
True Story

“Born To Ride” Character Page

So, I made my Character pages for my…
True Story

Old Collection of Nature Poems/Story

Hi everyone! This is a collection of work,…
True Story

President interviews Bookworm Jo, author of Talent Showcase series Tara & Theo

sci_geeek: Ok. *clears throat* Hello Guide! I'm sci_geeek,…
True Story

Bringing You To Jesus

Belle took a deep breath as she stepped…
True Story

Pt 3…

A couple of days later, I'm sitting in…
True Story

I guess the experiment worked, so… part 2!!!!

The next day, I get called to the…
True Story

Chapter 1 part 1

I was sitting down on the big brown…
True Story


True Story

"Born To Ride" Chapter 7

"What do you mean she’s gone?” Elijah shouted. 
True Story

“Born To Ride” Character Looks Updated!

Hello Fellow Guidesters! Fellow talent Showcase Writer here…
True Story


Okay guys, I'm going to see how you…
True Story

May and Julia Part 7: Finale

Hi everyone! This is the last chapter for…
Imaginative Story InspirationalPoetry

The Lord is With Me

The Lord is with me through every trial,…
True Story

“Born To Ride” Chapter 6

"But dad! I was fine! I didn’t get…
True Story

Jacob’s Children: Chapter 5

Jacob spun around to look at thirteen-year-old Dan
Imaginative Story Poetry

Dolphin Travel

To travel with a friendly dolphin in the…
True Story

“Born To Ride” Chapter 5

"You guys have got to talk it out,”…
True Story

The Nativity Pt. 3

Hot sun, wipes his forehead.
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