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The Search for La Cueva De Oro

Rob Hubbard with Bob and Cristal Altman search…
True Story FriendshipsPersonal Growth

The Missing Campsite

Summer has always been my favorite season, not…
True Story AdventureFriendshipsPersonal Growth

Prairieview and prayer 2

Part two of prairiview and prayer, enjoy🙂
True Story AdventureAwkward SituationsPersonal Growth

Trapped on the Rock Face

Michael suddenly felt totally helpless—and very alone.
True Story Personal Growth

Taking Credit

Is a quick recovery from injury a result…
True Story AdventureFriendshipsPersonal Growth

Prairieview and prayer

Hello guys🙂, this is a continued story how…
True Story InspirationalNaturePersonal Growth

Appacha’s Pears

My grandfather had just spotted something in the…
Imaginative Story Christian BeliefsFriendships

New Life

There once was a girl named Alyssa who…
True Story Awkward Situations

Tha Cannon that Backfired

Look what I found!” Kenneth yelled as he…
True Story AdventurePersonal Growth

The Pinewood Derby

Matthew's hard work on his Pinewood Derby car…
True Story FriendshipsPersonal Growth

The Unlikely Friendship

Giose Ayapes is constantly being bullied by a…
Imaginative Story AdventureFriendshipsMysteryPersonal Growth

Love, Cats

I was there when it happened....
True Story Awkward SituationsFriendshipsPersonal Growth

The Gossip Explosion

Savannah slipped into the last row of seats…
Imaginative Story AdventureNature

Amy and the Pets

Hi! I started this story at 11. I…
True Story AdventureInspirationalPersonal Growth

Man Trap!

When Red looked down from the top of…
Imaginative Story AdventureHumor

Snuffles’s Day

There once was a kitten named Snuffles
True Story Humor

The caterpillar on picture day

She looked at the window with dismaying that…
Imaginative Story AdventureChristian BeliefsFriendshipsMystery

Living Without Fear | 1

Emmet crouched under the table, shivering with fear.…
True Story Awkward SituationsFriendships

The Valentine’s Mystery

Here’s one of my middle schooler Valentine’s Day…
True Story Awkward SituationsChristian BeliefsFriendships

Derringer in the Dining Hall

She never had done anything really bad—not terrible…
True Story BiographyChristian BeliefsFriendshipsHistoryTop Stories

Kilauea Erupts!

Stephen Arrington's childhood dream was to be diver…
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