Shipwreck, Chapter 2

 Previously: Kobe tunes into a commercial offering a free cruise trip to Hawaii. A couple weeks later, Kobe founds out that he won.

  The next day I was out and about trying to buy all the things I might need on the ship, although I had absolutely no idea what people should take on a cruise ship because I had never been on one before. 

  After I got everything I thought I needed, I went directly to my car, slipping on a nearby puddle and landing on my back.

  “Ahhhhhhhh!!!” I screamed as I collided with the cold, hard asphalt. “Yikes! Where did that puddle come from? It hasn’t been raining for 2 whole days, and there are still puddles?”

  I slowly picked myself off the ground, and pulled the handle of my car door. When I got inside, I tapped the small, red button beside the steering wheel to turn the car on. 

When I got home, I quickly unlocked the door, and sped through my house grabbing my backpack, piling clothes inside, and tossing it near the front door. I next dashed to the pantry to grab some Doritos to snack on. I hurried out the door, rushing to grab my backpack. I grabbed it so fast that the armholes got tangled around my feet, tripping me.

“Oh come on!! That’s the second time today!”

Without thinking, I threw the door open and bolted through. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t pay attention to a rock that was positioned conveniently outside. When my foot landed on it, my ankle twisted, causing me to fall a THIRD time!

  “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

The drive to the port was very uneventful, except for the fact that I ran out of Doritos. When I saw the ship, the Voyager, I was awestruck. It was long, and tall, with about 6 floors. Printed on the side in big, black letters, was its name. The main body was made of some sort of steel-alloy, but I don’t remember the fancy name for the metal. The front of the ship was narrow, with cool views from the sides. Finally, snow white paint finished the monster cruise ship.

When I got to the ticket station, I looked inside. I noticed the multiple water slides and inner tubes fancily displayed. I knew (or thought I knew) I was going to have the time of my life.

Once I was inside, somebody said,

“Here we GOOOOOOOOOOO!!” as the ship set off. 

I had done it. I had won the free cruise! Well, technically it was completely random, and I had only a slight chance of winning, but still! It was pretty amazing. 

As the large ship steered itself out of the harbor, I could hear people singing, and grilling hamburgers. I was a vegetarian, so I didn’t eat meat, but those burgers did smell amazing!

I first went to take a look at the bedroom I would be staying in. It was a bright, sunny day, and there would sometimes be so much reflection off the white paint from the ship that I would have to cover my eyes at times! I went down some stairs into the main body of the ship. There was a lobby, which was a little calmer than the top, with people  reading and playing chess. I walked past and kept walking down a long hall until a found a metallic sign that said, “Dorms”

I looked at the ticket that the man had given me at the station.

“Dorm 97. Where is it?” I said walking past a bunch of doors with numbers over them. “95, 96, 97! Here it is!”

I typed in a code onto the lock, and it gently turned. A light above it showed green, and I opened the door. 

When I entered, the lights were off, and I tripped over the leg of a chair. Once I hit the ground, I realized that I had tripped and hit the ground FOUR TIMES! I was completely over it!

After finding the light switch, I quickly flipped it up. Now I could see! The first thing that I saw was the chair that I had tripped over, and I growled at it. Then I took a look around the room, and saw a cozy, small, apartment size room, with 3 lamps standing on small, brown tables in the corner, and a bed with blue sheets. The light was white, and the light coming from the lamps was a bright orange.

  “Somebody didn’t do their color matching!” I chuckled to myself.

  A tiny kitchen with a sink, oven and microwave were in the corner opposite from the bed and lamps. There was a marble counter in the middle of the whole room, which probably served as a dining table. 

  After a couple hours of laying on my bed and reading a book, I heard a strange noise. I looked out the window of my room, and saw that the people up top were shooting fireworks! 

  “Man! They’re crazy!” I said to myself.

  The next day, I woke up out of my nice bed, and went to the bathroom to change. When I came out, I heard another weird noise, but this time it wasn’t fireworks. This time it was a lot louder. I glanced at my door, and I saw water coming under it! The ship was sinking!!

  Come back next time for Chapter 3 to see if Kobe is able to escape…

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Shipwreck, Chapter 2

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