Shipwreck, Chapter 1

Hi. I’m Kobe. This story that you’re about to read takes place about a year from now. Well, it starts at about a year ago. It’s technically been only a week since I got back from the island. “Island?” You ask. Well, just keep reading and you’ll discover exactly what I’m talking about.

  It all started in my living room. I was 26, and I was enjoying a nice evening on my brown, leather couch after a hard sweaty afternoon.

  “I will never understand!” I said with exhaustion in my voice, “Where is the remote?!”

  After about ten minutes of searching, I found the remote stuffed in the side of the couch.

I swiftly and smoothly grasped it and slammed down the power button. As soon as the TV fluttered to life, I pressed the channel button, just to see what was on. All I got on the first channel was just white noise mixed with blurred voices announcing a baseball game.

  “Who watches baseball any more?”

I quickly changed the channel. This time, There was a commercial about Frank’s Franks. I don’t know why, but I was sort of entertained by the commercial, and as soon as it ended, I reached for the remote to change the channel again, when I heard a voice say,

  “Would you like to go on a FREE cruise?”

  “Well, yeah, I guess.” I responded self-consciously.

  “Just scan this QR code to enter into a contest.” The TV voice from the free cruise commercial said. A QR code bigger than my breakfast that morning flashed on the screen. I whipped out my phone before the commercial came to a close.

  “Remember, there will be 50 winners, and YOU could be one of them!! If you win, you get a free, all-expense paid trip to Hawaii and back! Don’t forget, it’s free! FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

  “Yeah, you’ve made that pretty clear. Welp, it sounds interesting! Let’s see. What’s your name?

-Kobe Reubens

How old are you?


What’s your email?

Alright! All information filled out, let’s see if I win. Now where was I? Ah, yes. Trying to find something to watch.”

  I eventually found something to watch, and when it ended, it was well past 11:00.

  I trudged over to my bed, and dove onto my pillow.

  2 weeks later, I awoke to my phone shaking like an earthquake. I checked the notification, which read,


  “No way! I actually won!” I screamed with excitement.

  I could not anticipate what would come next

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Shipwreck, Chapter 1

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