The Strangest Thing That Ever Occured, Chapter 2


April 13, 2022

8:35 AM

I opened my eyes, I saw a glimmer of sunlight streaming through a window.

I rolled to one side expecting to see my alarm clock, but instead, I saw a window–an opaque window, on the ground. 

I slowly sat up and then it all came back to me. 

The figures, the trap door, this strange room.

 I stared hard at the window, and it almost looked like it was fizzing.

 “What in the–hey what happened to it!?” It had disappeared.

 I shrugged my shoulders but before I had time to say “Old MacDonald” it was back, but this time it was transparent and I could see pale images, but it was gone–again. 

A small piece of paper appeared where the window once was.

It read:


             YOU RARELY FIND ME



               ARE YOU READY TO ADVANCE?


              COME FIND ME                                     

             Signed: The beginning of your troubles

“Oh man, why do these things always happen to me?”

Greenish-black sparkles appeared in front of me, then a dark figure appeared.  It was one of my kidnappers.

The grave voice spoke:

“You Have To Save Us 

Before It’s Too Late

Come In Quickly, Through The Gate

Before It Closes For A Whole Dark Year

Before It’s Hopeless 

Quick, Quick, Before Dr: Ghastly Jake

Comes To Take

Our Freedom Once Again.”

I gathered up my courage

“H-how do I get in?”

“And–what are you, and why do you need help?”

“Through the window, through the window

Hurry, hurry, there’s no time to lose!”

“I’m a Gloomloore, and I explain more later, quickly, quickly, come on please!”

“Alright, alright, I’m coming,”

Then the sparkles disappeared and the window appeared–now it was clear like a normal one. I fumbled around with it until it opened and a force pulled me through.

What is this?” I said as I tumbled through the window, and fell into a pile of leaves,  I slowly stood up and brushed off the leaves that stuck to my clothes. It was a moonlit night and stars were scattered across the sky. “This must be a dream,” I said in shock and amazement—the wind whipped by me rustling my burnt, blonde bangs and swaying the trees around me.

I saw a few Gloomloores all standing around me with unblinking eyes.

I blinked several times, it was still there: the tall spiny trees, the dark figures, the strange world.

I slowly spun around, taking it all in.

Nope, definitely not a dream.

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The Strangest Thing That Ever Occured, Chapter 2

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