Broken Faith

Pain shot through my leg as I twisted to the floor. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t even stand. Confusion, shock, and panic were flying through the air…

It all started that morning. We were staying at our friend’s house because we were preparing to move to a new house. I woke up to the sound of our family’s dog, Ginger, having yet another quarrel with our friend’s dog, Princess. I walked down to the breakfast table to fill my ever-so-getting-hungrier stomach. Little did I know that it would be almost 8 weeks before I would be able to walk down to that table again. 

After a hearty breakfast, I picked up my crayons and paper and went to work drawing a train. First the base, then the chimney, then the lights and roof, and then my favorite for some random reason that to this day I have never figured out, the wheels. After adding some smoke to the top of the smoke stack, I eyed my masterpiece with pure amazement. It was perfect. Nothing pleased me more than drawing trains of all sizes and shapes

  “Hey Isaiah! Wanna go workout in the gym?” Our friend shouted from across the room.

  “Yeah!! I love the gym!” Our friend had turned his entire garage into a gym with pull-up bars, weights, and resistance bands (which the 4-year-old me absolutely loved using). I dashed through the house straight to the garage/gym door. 

  After my workout with the resistance bands, I rested while I watched our friend throw darts at a dart board. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to throw the darts myself, but I couldn’t change my age, so I just watched.

  At about noon, my mom put my brother Micaiah down for a peaceful nap. After about an hour, I went to draw another train, but I didn’t get to the wheels when my mom asked,

  “Isaiah, can you go check on Micaiah? I want to know if he’s woken up yet.”

  “OK Mommy,” I replied, hopping and skipping over to Micaiah’s crib. 

As soon as he heard my footsteps, he sat up. I glanced at him and saw that he was awake, so I darted out the door to tell Mom as quickly as possible. As I was bolting down the hallway, my excitement grew, and I started to run faster. But as soon as I rounded the corner, BANG!!

  I had run right into my unsuspecting mom, and as soon as we collided, I twisted on my leg and collapsed.

  “Are you okay?! Are you okay?! Isaiah!!” My mom was panicking, and even though it was my leg was throbbing, I was trying my best to calm her down. She tried to pick me up onto my feet, but the pain in my leg just grew worse.

  After calling another one of our friends, who was a nurse, she suspected my leg was broken. I was rushed immediately to the hospital.

Photo: This is an actual picture of the X-Ray from my broken leg

Come back for Chapter 2 to find out what happens next!

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    • Thank you! Chapter 2 hopefully will be out soon, but it might take a while since I’m trying to work on 2 series at once. Honestly, I really have no idea why I wanted to do that, but here we are!

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Broken Faith

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