Through the Eyes of a Servant – Chapter 6

Thank you for reading my series! This is the last one, so have fun!

“Nooooooooooooo!!!” Rachel was startled by hearing this. It did not sound good. She ran to her mother and asked what it was.

“I don’t know. I’m just as startled as you are.” Rachel and Leah ran towards Abgial. When they arrived they found Abigail crying uncontrollably. “What happened?” asked Rachel’s mother.

“Nabal died. Nabals dead!” At hearing this, Rachel and her mother burst into tears. Although Nabal was harsh and sometimes mean, he was still part of their life. He was still a human—a child of God. 

Rachel’s family and all of the servants got the day off. Abigail told them that she needed some time alone. Hearing this, Rachel thought a walk might do her good. As she was walking, a man came up to her. He looked like one of David’s men. “Could you kindly tell me where Abigail’s tent is?” he asked.

“Right around the corner,” she replied. “Thank you, young lady.” 

 Rachel watched as he went towards Abigail’s tent. He probably wants to tell her that he is sorry for her loss, thought Rachel. Being curious, again, Rachel secretly followed the man until he reached Abigail’s tent. 

“Greetings. I am a servant of David, son of Jesse. He has asked me to deliver this message to you.” Rachel looked as the man handed Abigail a piece of paper. Abigail read the paper out loud. 

“Dear Abigail, I have heard of your loss and am sorry. I want to make this as short as possible and get to the point of this letter. Abigail, you are very beautiful and very courageous, I have never met such a woman before. I would like for you to be my wife………..” 

Rachel stopped for a moment. Get married? Abigail marrying David when they barely even know each other? Rachel knew that she shouldn’t get between situations like this. Soon, Rachel found herself running to their tent to tell her mother. 

“Mother!” exclaimed Rachel.

“What is it Rachel?” asked her mother. Rachel then thought of it. If she told her mother, she would most likely tell Abigail. Then Abigail would ask from whom she knew this from. Then it would be bad. So Rachel quickly came up with something to say.

“Ummmmmm…… Do you need some help?”

“I’m fine Rachel,” said her mother with a smile.

Suddenly, Nathan came in. “Abigail is summoning all of the servants to come to her tent. She has something very important to say. Rachel and her mother stopped what they were doing and quickly hurried to Abigail’s tent, as they had done many times that week. 

“Thank you all for coming. I have some news that might shock you, but, I will tell you because you are like family,” said Abigail with a smile. “I have been informed that David………., that David wants me…………, wants me to be his wife.” Everyone was shocked, even Rachel. But before they could think of anything else. “ I have accepted it and will be leaving in a few days. So, I have made a list of the servants that will go with me. The rest of you will be given a little money and will be free. The names of these people are, ‘ Maggie, Sarah, Rachel, Leah, Maya, Joanna, Hannah, Brianna, Anna, Abraham, Nathan, Joseph, Michal, Adam, and Jacob. I hope you all are happy to be chosen. Please come to me after this meeting. The others who were not on the list, I want you to know that I will miss you and that you have been incredible to me. But I have chosen these. Please come to me tomorrow and I will give you your money. I want you to know that I love you all, like a family.” 

Upon hearing this, Rachel cheered, knowing that all of her family and friends were coming. Then she noticed that Lydia’s name was not there. Lydia would not be coming. But Rachel knew that Abigail had made her decision. And although Lydia was still, well, Lydia, Rachel knew that she would miss her. She would miss all of the scoldings. All of the words of Lydia. 

When the meeting was done, Rachel and her family went to Abigail, then they went home to start packing.

“Mother, what will become of us?” asked Rachel.

“We will become part of David’s servants, but we will still serve Abigail. Overall, we will start a new life. I praise God that he has kept us. He is greater than anybody, and whatever happens, is in His control. I know that He will take good care of us. Let’s take a pause and pray Rachel. Would you like to pray?” 

“Yes mother,” answered Rachel, “I will.” 

“Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your blessings that You give us. Thank You for a wonderful family. Please be with us on this trip and take care of us. We love you and praise you. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.

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Through the Eyes of a Servant – Chapter 6

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