The car incident. (At the circus), Part 1

Today was the day that the newspaper was coming in the mail. There were sooo many things here in the newspaper today!

But then, something caught my eye,  it was a coloring contest in the newspaper that if you were one of the five winners, you would win four tickets to the Shrine Circus. The age to do it was 4-11.  The picture had a clown holding a balloon In front of a circus tent. And there were four members of my family. Including me! Wow, I thought. I’d love to go to the circus again. So, I asked my mom if I could enter the contest.  Fortunately, she said yes.

I immediately started coloring. I made everything rainbow and the balloons were golden. It was a brilliant idea. As soon as I was done coloring, my dad mailed it to that circus while I was at school. And now, we had to wait, and wait, and wait. We started to think that we lost since they didn’t call us for a very long time!


Then, on one particular Tuesday, we were about to pull into our garage. Then suddenly, a voice message appears on my mom’s phone. We listened to it. It was from the Shrine circus. They said that I was one of the winners of the contest. And that I just won four tickets to the circus! We were all so happy! Then by accident, my mom deleted the message! We all laughed. We had to call them next.

When we came inside, I jumped up and down on our couch saying  “I won, I won!” I prayed to God saying thank you.
Then we had to figure out a day to go to the circus.
We had four days to choose ……..

Friday-Sabbath would have already begun.
Saturday-Still Sabbath.                                   Sunday-We were free.
Monday-School night.


1/15/23, that was the date we went to the circus. We were all so exited when we came in. There was this contest where if you bought a coloring book, there would be this thing where you would put your name in, and if your name was called, you would’ve just won a Nintendo Switch. We signed up, and then we went into the circus. We got face paint on us that glowed in the dark, snacks, and cotton candy. Then the circus started. Their were clowns, elephants, gymnasts, and then a three little pigs play with real dynamite! We didn’t win the Nintendo Switch though.

Then it was near the end. My dad wanted to leave early so then we wouldn’t be in traffic.  Then when we were getting out of the parking-lot, there was a car that was backing up in front of us!


We couldn’t believe what just happened.

(Read next week for Part 2!)

5 thoughts on “The car incident. (At the circus), Part 1”

  1. This is a great story!! It’s scary to be in a crash (I’ve seen a really bad one before, but thankfully, never been in one) so I want to see what happens,(not that I’m anxious if someone got hurt ) 🙂

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The car incident. (At the circus), Part 1

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