Through the Eyes of a Servant – Chapter 4

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The next day was as usual as usually could be. No one said anything about the day before. Rachel helped her mother with Abigail’s laundry while her father went to tend to Nabal’s sheep. 

“Mother?” asked Rachel as she hung a dress to dry, “What do you think David and his men are doing right now?” “They are probably eating a good breakfast. They haven’t eaten in days. I bet they are starving. Otherwise, they are probably looking for something to do. It can get pretty lonely in the wilderness,” answered Leah.

“I guess, but with all the men, I doubt they can get lonely!” exclaimed Rachel.

“On second thought,” responded her mother, “I think you’re right.” The room was filled with laughter. 

“Mother?” asked Rachel again.

“Yes?” responded Mother. “Ummmmm…….. Did you see Lydia in the crowd of servants?”

“Yes Rachel, I did…………. You mustn’t think so poorly of Lydia. She is a good woman and although she can be harder to get along with, she is still a child of God. The same as us. She is also a well-respected servant and is the one that Abigail trusts the most. And remember when I was trying to find you? Lydia didn’t ask why or she didn’t say no. Nor did she ask any questions. She said yes and went her way to find you. She also didn’t hesitate.” 

By this time Rachel felt like the whole world was on her. She felt guilty about how she had treated Lydia as if she had no respect. “I’m very sorry mother. I promise that I will try to be kind to her even when she is, well you know, hard to understand.”

“I trust you Rachel and I’m glad that you understand. Maybe she will even become your friend soon.” 

Just then, Brianna (Hannah’s mother) came in. “What is it?” asked Leah.

“Nothing’s wrong, Leah. Abigail just wants to see you.”

“Ok,” responded Leah, “I’ll come. Could you finish the laundry for me, Rachel?”

“Yes mother, I will,” came the response. 

Leah left with Brianna while Rachel finished putting the laundry out to dry. Now that I’m done with the laundry, I might as well go to the river and wash my face until Mother comes back, thought Rachel. 

Rachel made her way to the river and was about to start washing her face when Hannah showed up. “Hi Rachel,” exclaimed Hannah.

“Hi Hannah,” came the reply.

“So, um, what are you doing?” asked Hannah.

“Well,” answered Rachel, “My mom and I were doing the laundry earlier, but then your mom came and told my mom that she needed to go to Abigail. So I had to finish the laundry. Afterward, I thought I should come down here and wash my face till my mom came back. I wonder what Abigail needed to tell her.”

“I know,” answered Hannah, “I know what Abigail is telling your mom. She told my mom too.”

“What is it?” asked Rachel in suspense. “Well, tonight Abigail is going to hold a big feast for Nabal. Then she is going to tell him what she did. My mom is going to be serving the food. Maybe your mom will do the same. If she does, we can both watch from behind and get a glimpse of the party! I’m so excited!” 

“Rachel!” Rachel heard her mother call. “That’s my mom Hannah. I got to go. See you tonight.” “Bye.”

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Through the Eyes of a Servant – Chapter 4

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