The Lonely Backpack

She carried her backpack on her shoulder like a soldier through the crowded hallways. She was tense and nervous like a rabbit in the middle of an open meadow when an eagle flies over. Alissa felt tense because it was her first day of school in a new place. She had never been to public school before and was anxious to do well and make new friends.

She had been able to navigate the school with her mom before her classes officially began in August. The rooms were quiet and friendly-looking and very clean. But Alissa still wondered if she would be able to make friends as she had traveled down the elevator with her mom.

Her new school was a very big, two-story building with plenty of chairs, tables, and computers for all of the new students who would file into the classrooms, like pencils in a pencil box…Or a new backpack.

Alissa loved her new backpack. It was a beautiful shade of purple and large enough to carry all of the things that she might need on her first day of school. This included a calculator, a whole pack of colorful pencils and pens, her textbooks, spiral notebooks, and a daily planner.

Alissa felt that with her backpack, she would be able to do whatever she needed to do. After all, Jesus promised her that she could do all things through Him who gives her strength. She wanted to be a success in school and have the company of people to laugh and talk with on lunch breaks.

She hoped that there wouldn’t be too much homework. She wanted to have enough time to pursue her other hobbies: writing, drawing, and reading. Alissa worked really hard in school and her mom often said that Alissa should be a teacher someday. Alissa got straight As in math and she loved to do fun experiments in science class.

Alissa had been homeschooled for all of her life, and even though she felt confident that she could keep up with the other students, she worried that she would not be able to fit in. Sometimes, Alissa felt shy or nervous when she was meeting new people. Sometimes, Alissa just wanted to be by herself so that she could read or play with her two cuddly cats: Ragamuffin and Raggedy Ann.

On the first day of school, Alissa had a special prayer with her mom, “Dear Jesus,” she said, “Please help me to have a good school day and to bring honor and glory to your name. Amen.”

“Amen,” her mom said as she sent her off to school with a hug and said, “No matter what happens, always remember, Jesus loves you and so do I. ” Alissa nodded her head.

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The Lonely Backpack

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