“Born To Ride” Chapter 4

“Born To Ride” Chapter 4



“Made a mistake!” Marcus said to Elijah who was quarreling with him.

“How could you have forgotten! I literally texted you yesterday!” Elijah shouted. “I texted all of you yesterday!”

“That’s Marcus for ya,” Tatianna said.

“Oh shut up,” Marcus replied

“Don’t tell me to shut up!”

“Why? Because you know it’s not possible?”

“The both of you shut up!”

“Hot Sauce? Me too? “


“Oh yes you too Cute Stuff.”

While the 3 argued, Nathaniel slipped upstairs into Evianna’s room. She was looking at a photo album of her and a ‘mysterious horse’.

“Give me that,” Nathaniel said snatching it quickly from her.

“Hey! That’s mine!” she shouted, trying to reach it while Nathaniel held it up in the air teasing her. They both fell over on the floor, Evianna on top of Nathaniel. They stared at each other for 5 seconds and then Evianna snatched back the album and got up. 

“Who is this horse?” she asked. 

“I- can’t say,” Nathaniel said. 

“Who is she Nat? Why are you so afraid to tell me who is the horse?”

“Evianna I just can’t,” he replied. Evianna ran downstairs to Elijah. 

“Who’s this horse?” Evianna asked Elijah


“Where did you find that?” he asked.

“On the shelf in my room?” Evianna answered. He took the book from her. 

“Evianna, for your own safety, does not watch anything about horses, do not ask anything about horses, just forget that those things exist,” he answered.

“But they seem like so much fun. And I’m 16, I should be able to do as I- no, don’t give me that death glare! Alright! I’ll stay away from them,” she said. She ran out back to take a stroll. Nathaniel went after her, without her knowing. 

She ended up around the stables. “I didn’t know this was here,” she said to herself. She went inside to take a look and there she saw 10 different beautiful horses. She was so excited. She passed and patted each one but there was one particular horse that caught her attention. It was a brown mare with deep black hair. She looked into the mare’s eyes and patted her nose. It was as if she felt a connection. She wanted to be with the mare, groom her, take her out for rides just bond with her, and the only way to do that was to get on that horse’s back and go for a ride which is what she did. She had paid keen attention to how the riders mounted their horses at the competition. She opened the gate and led the mare outside. Nathaniel watched her earnestly, not daring to make any movements. He wanted to see what would happen and though he feared for her safety, there was no way he could keep her from doing this. He knew that Evianna was born to ride and no one or no accident could take that away from her. 

Evianna mounted the mare and sat down comfortably. She relaxed her shoulders and sat up tall. She eyed her target, right down to the end of the field. She then gave the horse the signal. 

“Let’s go girl!” she shouted and whacked the horse’s side (not too hard) with her leg. The horse then took off. 

“Woohoo!” she shouted. “Hiyah! Go, girl! Alright, let’s go back! Hiyah!” Once she was finished, she dismounted the horse and led her back to the stables. She gave the horse an apple and began to ‘talk’ to it. 

“Wow! That was incredible! It’s like, I’ve done this my entire life! I need to give you a name. One that suits you. Liberty? Nah. Hope? Nah. How about Ivy? Yes, IVY! Evi and Ivy, it’s perfect! See ya later Ivy,” she ran, running out to the house again. She then bumped into Nathaniel.

“Nathaniel? I- I was…I..”

“Your brother told you for your own safety that you were not to do this. I’m not Elijah. Seeing you out there again made me happy Evi. I saw you for the first time in like almost 2 months. You were like your old self again. I won’t snitch on you, I promise,” Nathaniel said smiling. 

“Thanks, Nat but my old self?” she asked. Nathaniel explained everything to her. She finally understood. They decided to keep this a secret and that Nathaniel would be with Evianna anytime she was going to pull this ‘stunt’ again.

Tell me the truth. Cheesy huh? Any advice fellow writers? How’d yall like this chapter? Character reveal in the next chapter!!!






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“Born To Ride” Chapter 4

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