“Born To Ride” Chapter 10

“Born To Ride”
Chapter 10: Training Time


“Faster Ivy, Faster!” Evianna shouted as she practised with Ivy for the competition. 

“There is 1 main thing to this competition. It’s about speed. Who can get past all the obstacles the fastest. Woah! Alright halt!” Marcus shouted, as he decided to help Evianna out that day. Evianna brought Ivy to a stop. “Let’s try again.”

“Let’s do this Ivy,” Evianna said. They started out as a walk, as they got around the corner, she led Ivy into a slight trot, coming around the corner again, they began to canter. Finally, Evianna wacked Ivy with the side of her foot, bringing Ivy into a gallop. She kept on pushing Ivy to go faster. Finally, after 10 minutes, they came to a halt. Evianna dismounted Ivy, patted her and gave her a few apples. She also drank some water herself. 

“The problem with this is that Kathryn has a Standardbred horse and you have an Arabian. Knowing Kathryn, she’s more likely to relax and take her time as she knows that her horse is naturally faster. If we train Ivy, she might become fast enough to beat Skai,” Marcus said.

“Kathryn and Skai are no match for me and Ivy. Let’s do this again shall we?” Evianna asked.

“No, the horse needs to rest. If you pressure her too hard, she might end up in an accident, then you’ll have to forfeit the competition and to everyone else, you would seem weak because people don’t understand this,” Marcus answered. 

“Well, we’ll do this again in a few minutes,” Evianna said. 15 minutes passed and Evianna got back on the saddle. 

“Alright, let’s go over the obstacle course. More than likely she’ll be doing her own course,” Marcus said rolling his eyes.

“Did you just roll your eyes?” Evianna said, gasping. 

“You and Tatianna are rubbing off on me,” Marcus said snickering. 

“Let’s just practise,” Evianna said, shaking her head.


“Aww boy, freak fest coming your way,” Marcus whispered. 

“Kathryn, what do you want?” Evianna said. 

“Came to check on the competition oh, here’s the flier,” Kathryn said, chuckling. 

“Do you try to be a brat or are you just one? Useless butts? Bring gifts for winner who will be you? Bring own food cause you’re too lazy to provide? You need serious help,” Evianna said. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll put down seats for your useless bestfriend Tatianna, your hot, idiotic boyfriend Marcus,” she said, glaring at Marcus, “and Tatianna’s good for nothing boyfriend Nathaniel. Or is it the other way around?”

“For the last time, we are all just best friends, no other relationship than that! When did you become so sour anyways? We used to be the best of friends as well,” Evianna said.

“You guys were friends?!!” Marcus shouted.

“None of your beeswax. Train all you can but you’ll never beet Skai. She’s a Standardbred horse and your’s is an Arabian. My horse is naturally faster. Later losers, oh, you should bring a gift as well. I like, hot things,” she said winking at Marcus, who shivered. She flashed her long brown hair in Evianna’s face, mounted her horse and left. 

“The nerve of that girl! What kind of poster is this?” Evianna said, tearing the paper in half. 

“Don’t let her get into your head Evi, that’s what she wants,” Marcus said.

“Imagine, she thought we were…” Evianna started to laugh so hard while Marcus nervously chuckled.

“Let’s get back to work,” Evianna said mounting Ivy. “Let’s try a good gallop. We’ll go from here to Stout Canyon’s Peak, not very far from here,” Evianna said, pointing into the distance from her barn. 

“Alright. Let’s go. Three, Two, One, Hiyah!” Marcus shouted, and the two went off. 

Evianna and Ivy were going at a very good speed, until they saw a pair race off.

“What’s she up tooooooooooo AH!” Evianna shouted and she brought Ivy to a quick hault. Kathryn had led her off the trail. She was right on the edge of Chester’s Cliff. How had she not noticed. The chestnut trees, tree logs scattered along the path. 

“Are you ok?! I heard your scream,” Marcus said. “Woah!!” he said, bringing his horse, Speedy, to a halt. “We’ve been tricked huh?”

“Kathryn’s out to get me, I swear,” Evianna said. 

“Stop worrying about her. She obviously scared of you. Let’s go back and train some more. Good gallop though,” Marcus said. “C’mon, let’s go.”

Evianna happened to be right though because three days before the competition, she got up really early and went around to the stables. She went into Ivy’s stall and found out she wasn’t there. She looked all over the field and didn’t find her. Evianna dialed for Nathaniel, Tatianna and Marcus.

“Evi, boo, it’s 3 in the morning! This better be important!” Marcus said groaning on the other side of the line.

“Get your sleepy butts down here because Ivy’s missing!” Evianna said. 

Ok, your thoughts? We have only literally 6 more chapters left in the book. I’m thinking of writing another story after this one, so any ideas or thoughts? Not too extravagant, but not too simple. Also, if you’re on the Talent Showcase, but not on the Discussion Forum, I just wanted to let you know that all us writers will be compiling our skills to write a story for the Showcase. I’ll post the link to the discussion. You’ll have to design your own character, but you’ll get all the info from the thread. See ya later guidesters!!!





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“Born To Ride” Chapter 10

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