"Born To Ride" Chapter 9

“Born To Ride”
Chapter Nine: Game On!


The next morning, Evianna woke up around 4 am. She was sitting in the living room, reading a bible from her grandfather’s bookshelf.

“Morning,” a deep, velvety voice said behind her, making Evianna jump. 

“M-Marcus?” she said.

“Something wrong?” he asked, as he scratched his eye. 

“Well, um, all of a sudden, your voice is so, d-deep,” she said.

“It’s my morning voice,” he said, chuckling a bit. “Anyways, we’re gonna leave out soon. Got to get back early. We have school today, remember?”

“Right, Right,” Evianna said.

“And boo?” Marcus added on, making Evianna’s face go red. “Please, never do this again. It’s really tiring,” he said. Evianna turned around, showing her very red cheeks.

“Are you, blushing?” Marcus said, poking Evianna’s cheeks. 

“N-No,” she stuttered pushing away Marcus’s hand. Marcus looked at her and smiled. She almost melted away until Nathaniel came around. 

“Yah! It’s too early for this. You guys are still teenagers. Come on let’s get going,” he said.

~~Time Skip to when Evianna gets home~~

“EVIANNA! I was so worried! Why would you do that to me!” Evianna’s mother said when they got back home the next day. 

“I felt the pressure of a teenager, that’s all,” Evianna said.

“Forgive me, Evi, it was out of fear that I reacted. If you want to go back into riding, I’ll even pay for a coach. I’m just very worried about your safety,” her father replied. Evianna ran and hugged him tightly. 

“Te amo papá,” she said with a smile. 

“Yo también te amo,” he said back, kissing her forehead. Then he cleared his throat and spoke to Nathaniel. “You two young men, you have a good heart. Thank you. They’re good friends Evianna.”

“Yeah, they are,” Evianna said, smiling at Marcus and Nathaniel. 

“We’ve got to go,” Nathaniel said.

“Yeah, my parents will flip if they don’t find me in bed,” Marcus said, ruffling his hair, blushing slightly. 

“Marcus! Nathaniel!” Evianna said as the two boys got on their horses.

“Yes?” they said, turning around. 

“Thank you, for everything,” she said and Marcus winked at her as he walked outside.

“I don’t like that wink, Marcus. GET BACK HERE!” Elijah shouted.

“Grow up brother,” Evianna said going upstairs. 

“You seemed to have enjoyed that wink. You know, a wink leads to a whole lot of things,” Elijah said running upstairs after Evianna.

“Lalalalala I can’t hear you!” Evianna said running to her room. 

“Would the both of you shut up!” Adalyn said.


The morning passed. Evianna went to school and told Tatianna everything, around lunchtime of course.

“YOU RAN AWAY!” Tatianna shouted when Evianna told her everything. “TO WELLINGTON!” 

“Calm down Tati. See, I’m here and I’m back,” Evi said, motioning for Tatianna to keep her voice down. 

“It’s a pity you didn’t stay there in Wellington. Our school would be way better without you,” a girl said walking past.

“And an uncivilized hello to you as well Kathryn,” Evianna said rolling her eyes.

“So, what’s you up to now Evi?” Kathryn said.

“Working up ways to make your life miserable,” Evianna smirked. 

“Haha, you’re so funny. Anyways, I’m hosting a horseback riding competition. You can come and watch seeing you’re incapable of ever riding again without turning into a complete scaredy-cat,” Kathryn said snickering at Evianna.

“Oh, you didn’t hear. Evi and Ivy are back. Riding the Rodeo,” Marcus said superiorly to Kathryn. 

“Oh, then maybe they could participate. Show people how to, I don’t know, fall off a horse?”

“Kathryn!” Marcus shouted. 

“What’s its the truth. It’s all she’s capable of,” Kathryn said rolling her eyes. 

“How about to show them talent, something you most definitely will not be providing,” Evianna said.

“Why don’t we make this official. How about an obstacle course. Me and you only,” Kathryn said staring right at Evianna so hard. 

“It’s on. Say, 2 weeks from now after school, Today’s Friday so week after next Thursday?” Evianna said.

“Why not Friday? Or Saturday, oh wait, you’re a Christian, even more, an Adventist.” 

“You got a problem with that?”

“It’s stupid.”

“What is, that I have faith and trust in someone I know is taking care of me or you just living by luck and chance?” Evianna said.

“Let me get this straight. You believe in a God that you can’t see, hear, touch or smell and he’s just magically protecting you from hardships and struggles? Pathetic.”

“What is, your incapability of showing great faith or trust in God? God has revealed to us many times through the acts he has done that he is real. And even if God isn’t real, isn’t it better for one to live and die with hope and faith in something and it’s not real than one to live off luck and chance, not believing in something and in the end it is real and you miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime? Think about it Kathryn,” Evianna said. 

“Um…anyways, I’ll make posters. See ya loser.”

“Honey you see a loser every day. Yourself,” Evianna said rolling her eyes. Her friends snickered. “I’d better get to practice,” Evianna said, getting up to discard the remains of her lunch.

So….what do you guys think? I added just a picture of Kathryn so you could know what she looks like, even though she’s not a main character.

Later Guidesters!!! <3




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"Born To Ride" Chapter 9

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