“Born To Ride” Chapter 5

“Born To Ride”
Chapter 5: Caught Ya!


“You guys have got to talk it out,” Evianna said to Tatianna the next morning as they got ready for school. 

“I’m not speaking to Marcus ever again. Not now, not ever. He’s a little stupid brat. He was always one since kindergarten!”

“He’s Nathaniel’s best friend, and mine so you just got to!” 

“Nope, not now, not ever.”

Evianna shrugged and they walked downstairs to where Evianna’s mom was preparing Evianna, Elijah and Ashlyn’s lunches.

“Hot Sauce,” Tatianna said rolling her eyes. 

“Aww come on Cute Stuff. It was a small squabble. You aren’t still mad at me are you?” Elijah said laughing, poking her side, making her laugh out.


“You make it impossible for me to be angry with you,” Tatianna said laughing. Then Marcus blew his horn signaling to the girls that they were ready to go. When Evianna got inside, Marcus drove off with the door open. 

“MARCUS! You left Tatianna!” Evianna shouted angrily. Marcus reversed and Tatianna got into the car. She was super angry. She shouted at Marcus and the two of them started to squabble. 

“Enough!” Nathaniel shouted. The two became quiet immediately. “The both of you are acting as if you are still in primary school. We are high scholars. Behave like that would you?!” Marcus drove on, his eyes on the road, so stiff and full of anger. Tatianna tightened her fists and Evianna put her hand around her to soothe her. 

“Why are you both so tense towards each other? Evianna asked. 

“Kindergarten! That’s why. Marcus told everyone that I wet myself because my clothes were wet and there was spilt juice on my chair. I was so embarrassed. For the rest of kindergarten the kids teased me about it. Then, we both went to the same Primary school, where we met you and Nathaniel and now High School! He still teases me about it even though he knew that he had spilt his drink on my chair on purpose!” Tatianna shouted. 


“For the last time, it was a harmless joke and an accident!” Marcus shouted. 

Evianna and Nathaniel started to laugh. Tatiana glared at them. 

“You guys were 4 and 12 years later, you’re still holding on to that? No wonder you guys are so tense!” Evianna said. Tatiana rolled her eyes. Marcus snickered. 

“Not only that, Marcus is a sell out. Our parents are friends and whenever something happens like an accident he sells me out every time!”

“Not true! Once you broke a vase at my house and told your mom that you broke it. When you went to the bathroom I explained that I broke it because I slid under the table and I got punished while you were let off, so I’m not all that horrible,” Marcus smirked. 

“Oh, well I still hate you,” Tatianna said blushing.

That afternoon, after school, Nathaniel and Evianna snuck around back to the stables at Evianna’s home and Evianna took out Ivy, gave her a carrot and started to groom her. She then took her out of the stables for a walk. Nathaniel led her out to the showjumping practice area that her parents had set for her, Elijah and her sisters to practice their skills. She tried a few, then tried again, again and again. Then she competed against Nathaniel, but she lost.        

“You’re a bit rusty but you’ll catch on. Stop looking away from the fence. Stop looking at me and all over the place. Focus on what’s in front of you. You are the one guiding the horse. If you lead her towards a wall, she will go towards the wall. She’ll do what you instruct her to do because she knows you’re the boss,” Nathaniel said.

“You sound like a professional trainer. How many years of experience do you have sir,” she snickered. “How much should I pay you for your services?”

“I’ve had 11 years of practice ma’am and for you, darling, lessons are free of cost..” Nathaniel said, tipping his ‘cowboy hat’.

“Oh come on, I must pay you something,” Evianna smirked.

“I do take hugs,” Nathaniel smirked back.

“Come on, let’s go inside,” Evianna said laughing. 


“Shall I help you down?” Nathaniel asked, laughing. As he helped her down, Evianna’s foot slipped and she fell on him.

“This time you fell on me so you’re safe.”

“Are you alright?” Evianna said jumping up. 

“Other than a broken rib, I’m great!” He said leaning up with a thumbs up then falling back to the ground, exhaling loudly. Evianna laughed and helped him up. They went inside the house, only to find Evianna’s mom, dad, older brother and younger sister at the door.

“Caught ya,” Evianna’s dad said with an angry face and folded arms.

“Busted!” Evianna’s sister, Adalyn, who was only a year younger than Evianna said, smirking.

So, what do you guys think. What’s gonna happen to Evianna? I may change the looks of the characters, if I find a better character building app/website.






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“Born To Ride” Chapter 5

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