“Born To Ride” Chapter 12

“Born To Ride”
Chapter 12: Rescue Mission (I’m sorry, I’m running out of chapter names ideas T~T)


“That girl’s got some nerve, I swear!” Nathaniel shouted as they tried to race after the train. 

“The train kinda just took off, maybe we can make it,” Tatiana said. 

“How did she even get Ivy out of the stables without anyone hearing?” Nathaniel asked. 

“She bribed her,” Evianna said between tears. 

“Bribed a horse?” Nathaniel said, confused.

“Ivy’s greatest weakness is giving her an apple. Just give her an apple and she’ll do anything. Kathryn must’ve given Ivy these apples. It’s crazy,” Marcus said.

“La próxima vez que vea a Kathryn, tomaré algo y la golpearé en la nuca,” Marcus growled.

“Sí, si quieres una suspensión. De todos modos, los caballeros no golpean a las damas Marcus,” Nathaniel said. 

“Parece que no seré un caballero la próxima vez que la vea,” Marcus responded. 

“Si golpeas a Kathryn, te golpearé a ti. Al final, ella sigue siendo un ser humano que aún necesita respeto, haya hecho algo mal o no,” Tatianna hissed.

“Guys! We caught up with the train. It’s not too far ahead!” Evianna shouted. 

“Hiyah! Live up to the name boy! Go Speedy, go!” Marcus shouted. 

“Marcus! You’re still going too fast. I can’t keep my grip!” Evianna shouted. 

“If you would hold on to my waist like I told you and not my shirt, you’d be better stabled!” Marcus hissed.

“¡No me silbes!” Evianna shouted. 

“Sometimes, you need to listen!” Marcus said, grabbing her hands and putting them around his waist. “Hold on tight, Speedy can go way faster. Go boy, GO!” Marcus shouted and Speedy took off at top speed. 

“Which cart would she horse be in?” Evianna asked. 

“There are 3 of them, just check all,” Tatianna said. 

“I’m gonna help you to stand on Speedy.” Marcus shouted. 

“Are you nuts!” Tatianna and Evianna screamed. 

“You want me to stand on a horse, something I’ve never done before because I don’t have the guts like you to do stupid tricks like that, after not experiencing a terrible experience not too long ago from dropping off a horse?!?!” Evianna shouted. 

“For crying out loud Evianna Destiny Willis, can you stop and trust me for a second of your life. I’ve known you from grade one, 10 years now. Have I ever done something to hurt you?!” Marcus shouted.

”Hold on to the reins,” Marcus said, giving Evianna the reins. He placed one foot on Speedy and helped himself up. He gained his balance and stood with his hands stretched out to keep balance. He placed his next foot down then took Evianna by the hand and helped her to stand as well. “Alright, you’re gonna jump unto the caboose. Ready, one, two, three, Jump!” and Evianna jumped right unto the caboose but landed on her own caboose. Tatianna sighed in relief. Nathaniel smirked, and Marcus tipped his ‘hat’, laughing, and sat back down on Blaze. Evianna ran through the different carts and found Ivy in the 2nd. 

“IVY! You’re..”

“Hey! What are you doing?” the man in charge of the horse shouted. 

“Taking back my horse. You got her from a Kathryn Spencer? Well, I’d like to take her back,” Evianna shouted, opening the cart door. “I’ll even pay you,” she said.


“Hey, you’re Evianna. Dave’s cousin? For you, free of charge. Dave was one of my best friends. It’s a pity he dropped out of college,” the man said.

“Thank you! Ivy, we’re gonna have to make that jump. Ready girl?” Evianna said as she mounted her horse. Ivy gave a great neigh. “One, two three, HIYAH!” and Ivy jumped right off the train and landed on solid ground. Nathaniel and Marcus game up to them. 

“IVY!” They said, and they patted the mare on the head. Then Ivy went over to Blaze and Speedy and they nuzzled each other. Evianna laughed. 

“Thank you very much y’all!” Evianna said hugging the two boys and Tatianna really tight. She started to feel a bit light-headed afterward. Tatianna started to help her to stand.

“Evianna? Evianna? Don’t start this again!!” Marcus shouted. 

“All we have to do is get her back home to rest some more. She’ll feel better,” Tatianna said. 

“Yeah, your girlfriend will be better in no time,” Nathaniel smirked, making Marcus smack him in his head. 

“Would you two cut it out and let’s get back?” Tatianna said, putting Evianna on her own horse just for safety. They tied Ivy unto Speedy’s reins and they went back to Evianna’s place.

 Hehehe? *nervous chuckle* So….*bites nails nervously* how was that?






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“Born To Ride” Chapter 12

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