New Series!! "Born To Ride"

Hey guys! So you know I’ve been asking for ideas for my new story. I appreciate all the ideas but lately, I read a book called “Riding High” and it gave me an idea to write the story, “Born To Ride”. This is an original piece so please tell me what you think of it.
So…Let’s Go!
By: Alyssa4Jesus
Chapter 1: Look Out!


“Now, How many sons did Jesse have?” the Sabbath School teacher asked that Sabbath.

“Jesse had 8 sons,” a spunky and brilliant 16-year-old named Evianna said.

“Great, what was the name of his eldest son,” the teacher asked again.

“Eliab,” Evianna’s best friend, Tatianna replied. 

“Great. Now, when Samuel picked David as king, God reminded us that while people look at the outward appearance, what does God look at?”

“Our heart sir,” a young and smart 16-year-old boy named Nathaniel answered. 

“Who was Jesse’s youngest boy?”

“David, sir,” Nathaniel’s best friend Marcus replied

“Great. What was David’s job?” 

“He was a shepherd,” a girl in the back row said. 

“Alright, David is known as….”

“A man after God’s own heart!” everyone shouted. 

“Before we go, let’s repeat the memory verse,” the teacher said lastly. 

“1 Samuel 16: 7 says, But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart,” everyone said before they had the final prayer and left.

The children went inside for the divine service for the Sabbath. That evening, Evianna went over to the stables where her parents kept all the animals. She took out her personal horse, Ivy, and rode her out for the evening. They were riding at a very fast speed when all of a sudden, a bike came out of nowhere, speeding towards them. 

“Ivy! Slow down, girl! Watch out!” Evianna shouted but it was too late. Ivy got frightened and accidentally threw Evianna off her back. Evianna fell right to the ground hitting her head and blacked out. 


An hour later, Evianna woke up in the hospital with her parents around her and a man she’d never met. 

“I didn’t mean to frighten the horse,” the anonymous man was saying. 

“Thank you for bringing her here,” her mother said in tears. 

“Mom? What’s going on? AH!” Evianna screamed.

“EVIANNA!” 3 kids said racing into the hospital.

“Nathaniel?! Ouch! Tatianna and Marcus? What’s going AH!” she cried.

“Stop leaning up. You’ve hurt your back. Not bad enough that you’ll never walk again but bad,” the nurse said.

“What happened?” Tatianna said while Nathaniel was holding her up. She was in such a traumatic state. Evianna was her best friend and poor Evi looked so horrible. 

“She got thrown off her horse. Broke her left foot and right arm. That will heal in like 6-8 weeks. She’s hurt her back. Should take 6 weeks as well. She’ll have a few headaches, may feel dizzy or nauseous,” the doctor, Dr.Jefferson said.

“Will I ever be able to ride again?” Evianna asked.

“Yes, but you may have fears now and then,” the doctor replied.

“Evi we were so worried when your mother called,” Nathaniel said. 

“Yeah, at least you’re alive.”

“Marcus!” Tatianna shouted.

“WHAT!?! It’s true.”

“I’ll be fine guys,” Evianna said forcing a smile.







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New Series!! "Born To Ride"

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