“Born To Ride” Chapter 6

“Born To Ride”
Chapter 6: When I’m Gone


“But dad! I was fine! I didn’t get sick or anything! Plus, you lied to me about my broken bones! I couldn’t have disobeyed because I didn’t know!” Evianna explained. 

“Yes, you did disobey me! We came together as a group to discuss so my orders were through Elijah! And you, Nathaniel, you knew that horseback riding could affect Evianna’s mental and physical health yet you dared to not stop her and to continue with her!” Evianna’s dad shouted.

“If I may be so bold as to speak freely sir?” Nathaniel asked.

“Go ahead..”

“Sir, we cannot keep Evi from horseback riding. She was born to ride and we know that. I’ve been with her and for the past week, nothing has happened. She even fell on me and she didn’t feel nauseous. She has been perfectly fine the entire time. I honestly believe that she is ready to go back in the saddle sir. Knowing Evianna, nothing we do will ever keep her away from riding that horse,” Nathaniel answered.

“Yes, there is something I can do if I ever catch her riding again because I AM THE FATHER,” Evianna’s dad said and turned to Evianna. “If I ever, EVER catch you riding a horse again, I promise you, you’ll be grounded for a month. I’ll take all forms of communication away and you won’t even be able to go over to Tatianna, do you understand me?”

“Yes father, I understand,” Evianna answered facing downwards, eyes filled with tears and she raced upstairs to her room. 

“Evianna!” Nathaniel said, about to run upstairs to her, but Elijah grabbed him by the sleeve. He motioned to him that it might not be a good idea to go up to her and Nathaniel listened. After 15 minutes, he decided to go upstairs and check on her. He went upstairs to Evianna’s room but she wasn’t there. He came back downstairs and shouted angrily, “Evianna’s Gone!” 

Ok, I know, very short. Sorry =)
So, what do you guys think?? Just to let you all know, I didn’t upload the characters due to their status or importance, I just randomly selected which characters to post when. They are all equally important to the story.
Should I upload a character description or is it not necessary? Also, thank you for your comments. They help me know that I’m not writing foolishness and that people actually like my stories.
Later fellow Guidesters!



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“Born To Ride” Chapter 6

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