“Born To Ride” Chapter 3

“Born To Ride” Chapter 3:


2 weeks passed and Evianna was finally able to have her casts taken off. She woke up one morning sitting in her bed, thinking.

“Hey Evi. I brought pancakes,” Evianna’s older brother Elijah said coming into the room. 

“Thanks,” she said looking outside. 

“Something wrong?” he asked.

“I feel like something’s missing from me,” she answered. 

“Oh,” he said, knowing fully well what that was, her horse, Ivy. The family had agreed not to utter a word about that horse. They also agreed to keep Evianna clear out of sight of the stables. 

“Maybe you just need to clear your mind. Call your bo-,” he said. 

“My what?” she exclaimed

“Wait Nathaniel isn’t-” then he stopped and ran out of the room. 

“Nathaniel? What- GET BACK HERE!” she said running after him. Their mother stopped them in their tracks and sent them up to get ready for school. Evianna shot Elijah a warning glance before heading upstairs. Then Tatianna burst into the room. 

“Good Morning family! Ooouuu pancakes!” she said grabbing some from the table. Then she dragged Evianna upstairs to get ready.

“Oh, Hi Hot Sauce,” she said winking at Elijah.

“Hey Cute stuff,” Elijah said winking back at Tatianna. 

“Seriously?” Evianna said rolling her eyes. She went upstairs to get dressed while Tatianna quarreled with her about wearing stripes with plaid and brown and black. Once she was done, she brushed her teeth, grabbed her bag, and headed outdoors. 

“Howdy partners,” they heard Marcus say. He was driving the truck his father had given to him. Nathaniel had also hitched a ride.

“If you don’t hop in now, Mr.Dimeson is going to lecture us about getting to school late,” Nathaniel said biting an apple. 

“The only reason you hate sir is that he makes you jog around the field at the start and end of practice,” she said snatching his apple from him. He shook his head and they drove off.

“So, there’s a horseback riding competition happening at school today. Around lunchtime. Anyone interested?” Marcus asked

“Oh, ok. I’ve never seen horseback riding before so,” Evianna answered. Marcus pulled over and pressed on the brake. Nathaniel stared at him so hard and Tatianna smacked him on the back of his head. He had forgotten the deal. 

“Um..on second thought, maybe we shouldn’t watch it,” he said scratching the back of his head.

“You might not want to watch it, but I’m going to,” Evianna answered. Tatianna and Nathaniel looked at each other then groaned knowing that there would be no way they could stop her from going to watch. 

Around lunchtime, Evianna, Tatianna, Nathaniel, and Marcus went around to the horse stables at the back of the school. Tatianna, Marcus, and Nathaniel were super worried for Evianna who seemed to be enjoying herself, watching the competition. Then, the horrific deal happened, a girl named Chelsea fell right off her horse after it was scared by a rat that ran across the field. Then, it was as if Evianna went back in time. She remembered the tragic moment she had fallen off her precious horse but she couldn’t remember anything else. She felt light-headed. The moment kept replaying in her head. She held unto the sleeve of Marcus’s shirt. 

“Marcus, I don’t feel so good,” she said, holding her head.

“Ok, let’s go,” he said helping her up and motioning to the other 2 to leave. They helped her into her form room and Nathaniel gave her her water bottle. Tatianna helped by fanning her with her mini electric fan.

“You have a- nevermind,” Marcus said shaking his head.

“Of course I do,” Tatianna said rolling her eyes. 

“Feeling better Evi?” Nathaniel asked.


“It was as if I went back in time. It felt as if I fell off a horse. But that can’t be possible. I’ve never even ridden a horse. And if I did fall off one, I would have been wounded.”

“How do you think you got a broken arm and leg?” Marcus asked.

“Mother told me that I fell down the stairs and got lucky,” Evianna answered. 

“She’s really lost all memory of Ivy,” Nathaniel said. 

“Who’s Ivy?” Evianna asked. The 3 friends stood there, not saying a word.




Hey, fellow guidesters!! Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I’ve finished writing it so now all I have to do is quickly upload the chapters! Character Reveal Again! That’s Nathaniel.
N.B: Nathaniel and Marcus may look a bit similar
Also, does anyone know any more websites or apps I can design characters on?
So…..what are your thoughts on this chapter?


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“Born To Ride” Chapter 3

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