Accident on the Highway! (Part 1)

It was a crisp autumn morning. The shop door’s tinkle made Kelly start. It had been a while since customers had come to Procter’s Grocery Store. “Oh hi, Molly!” Kelly exclaimed, seeing her friend walk through the door. Even though the bakery where Molly worked was just upstairs, the friends hadn’t seen each other in a while. “Hi, Kelly. How’s the business going?” Molly asked dejectedly. “Not too well, since the highway opened. Customers find it easier to go to the mall now, and I understand. Everything at the mall is cheaper and they have a larger variety of products. How’s the bakery?” Kelly asked noting the sad look on her usually optimistic friend’s face. “They’ve started laying off people. I’m afraid that if I lose my job, my dad won’t be able to get corrective surgery.”
“Oh no! Don’t worry Molly. The Bible says that “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28. And if you do lose your job, I’ll help. That’s what friends are for.” Kelly said giving Molly an encouraging smile. “Aww, thanks, Kelly. I…” Crash. Their conversation was interrupted by sounds of glass splintering, cars honking and people yelling. Kelly and Molly dashed outside. “What happened!” Kelly asked a policeman trying to keep back the gathering crowd. “I’m not sure Ma’am. I was doing my rounds and just looked up in time to see a car and a delivery truck collide.”  Just then, Kelly got a glimpse of the car driver being lifted into the ambulance. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized who he was.
I hope you like this story. Please tell me in the comments if you would like to hear more.

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Accident on the Highway! (Part 1)

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