Accident on The Highway Part 5

footsteps pounded in her ears as she sprinted through the park. “God, I’m not
sure what you’re doing. First, the highway gets built, then my brother gets
hurt, and now I lose my job? And I’ll probably be evicted too because I was
counting on my next paycheck to pay all of my bills. I know you said that all
things work together for the good of those who love God, but I can’t see
anything good coming out of this. What am I to do?” Kelly blinked back the
tears that threatened to spill down her face. She paused to catch her breath.  “Just trust.”  A voice in her mind said. Kelly’s phone
started ringing. “Hello. Is this Kelly Adams.”

“Yes.”  “This is Pittsburgh Press. We’d like to
interview you about the accident yesterday. Is that fine with you?”  “Uhh…sure.” “Perfect. Could you come by the
office at 1:00?” “Ok.” “Great, see you then.”

Kelly glanced
at the sky. “Alright, God. I’ll trust you. But I really hope you’re doing
something big.

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Accident on The Highway Part 5

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