Accident on the Highway Part 2

Last time on Accident on the Highway: Just then, Kelly got a glimpse of the car driver’s face. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized who he was.
“That’s my brother!” she shrieked . Dazed, Kelly followed the ambulance to the hospital. She sat for what seemed like hours in the hospital waiting room. Just then, a nurse came in. Kelly stiffened with fear. “Ms Adams?” the nurse asked. Kelly sent up a silent prayer as she approached. The nurse beamed. “I’m glad to inform you that your brother Dan is  in a surprisingly good condition. It seems that his right side took most of the impact since only his right leg, arm a three right ribs are broken.” Kelly sighed in relief. “Can I see him now?l” she asked eagerly. “Not yet. He is still in a coma but he should be coming around soon.” Kelly thanked the nurse and returned to her seat. The door opened, and a familiar figure stepped in. “Dad!” Kelly bounded toward the door and wrapped her father in a big hug. “What about me?” another voice said laughingly. “Mom!” Kelly hugged her mother. ”I’m so glad to see you. How’d you know?” “Molly called us and explained.” her dad said. Kelly’s parents lived in a different town some miles away, so she didn’t see them too often. “Can we see Don now?” her mother asked.
“He’s still in a coma, but the nurse will let us see him when he comes around. He’s not badly injured.” Kelly answered.
”Should we tell her?” her mother asked her dad. “No, let’s make her guess.”  He winked. “Tell me what?” Kelly asked quizzically “Well, we were already in Pittsburg when Molly called.”  “Really? I have a feeling that is not the surprise. What were you doing here?”  “See, I told you she wouldn’t buy that. Alright, our realtor just called to say we got the house.” Her dad told her. “What! I didn’t even know you were going to buy a house here!” Kelly said shocked. “Yes. We thought it would be good to live closer to you.” Her mom said smiling. Kelly put a hand on her forehead. “Too many surprises.” She groaned “Too many surprises in one day.” Her dad suddenly looked serious. “I think we should pray. We need to thank God for keeping Dan safe in the crash and for giving us this house.” They all bowed their heads and thanked God for their blessings in spite of the accident. As they finished, the nurse came back in. “Dan’s come around and he is asking for you. They shot to their feet and followed the nurse down a long corridor to room 874.
”Here you are.” The nurse said, pushing open the door.

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Accident on the Highway Part 2

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