Accident on the Highway Part 7

 Last time: Kelly
sighed as she wobbled towards the door. “Come On Inn.” Quinn giggled.

 Kelly stepped into a kitchen buzzing with
activity. A plump lady bustled over to them.
“Quinn! It’s been a long time. Are you here to volunteer? And you brought
a friend with you! How nice!” She hugged first Quinn then Kelly. “Don’t dilly
dally now. Wash your hands, put on hairnets and gloves then you may peel some
potatoes.” Kelly was astonished. The other volunteers were friendly and she
soon got caught up in the camaraderie. They finished preparing the meal. “Kelly,
how would you like to help distribute this food to people who are sick or
unable to leave their houses?” Quinn asked. Kelly agreed and helped pack the
food in insulated containers. They drove off in a van. The volunteers gave food
and warm clothing to those in need. Kelly was greatly impacted when she met a
girl around her age who lived in her car. “I’m going to university and I can’t
afford to rent a house. I don’t want to live in a shelter either.” She explained
to Kelly. “Can’t you live with your parents?” Kelly asked. “My mom died last
year and my dad’s in jail.” Kelly was very quiet on the way home. “I think I
understand now.” She said to Quinn who was in the passenger seat. “I have a lot
to be grateful for.  With God’s help,  I’ll try to focus on that instead of worrying
or complaining.”  Quinn smiled “As I
always say, an object lesson is the best lesson.”

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Accident on the Highway Part 7

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