Accident On The Highway. (I forgot which part)

 Last timeKelly
glanced at the sky. “Alright, God. I’ll trust you. But I really hope you’re
doing something big.


“Kelly.” She
looked up to see Quinn, her longtime friend whom she hadn’t seen years,
striding toward her. Kelly sprang up and embraced her. “What…Why… How?” Kelly laughed
until tears ran down her face. “I saw your interview with Pittsburg Press and
flew in from L.A. I figured you’d need some cheering up.” Quinn smiled. “I didn’t
know they aired it yet,” Kelly said looking surprised.

“Are you
kidding me! It’s breaking news all over America. Now, why were you moping just
now? Haven’t you many things to be thankful for.” “Yeah.” “Then why aren’t you
counting your blessings instead of bemoaning your trial?” Quinn bluntly said.  “Is this your definition of cheering me up,”
Kelly said half-playfully and half-mournfully. “Listen, Kelly. I understand how
you’re feeling and I’ve been through a similar situation. God always has a
plan. Remember Job?” Kelly nodded. “He had an even worse trial than you’re
having and still didn’t lose hope in God. In the end, God blessed him doubly.
You don’t need to worry. ‘His divine power has given us everything we need for
life.’ 2 Peter 1:3a.” Kelly sighed. “Easier said than done.” Suddenly Quinn got
a spark of mischief in her eyes. “I think I know how to help you with that. Pass
me your car keys.” “What are you going to do?” Kelly said pulling them out of
her vest pocket. “You’ll see. Follow me.” Within a few minutes, they were speeding
down the highway at top speed with the windows down. “Aren’t you going too
fast?” a breathless Kelly asked Quinn. “Relax. I’m only at the speed limit.”
Quinn chuckled. Kelly clutched the armrest for dear life as the chilly wind
whipped her long hair around.  She glanced
at Quinn. She was perfectly relaxed and her short dark bob held with a barrette
barely budged. “She must be used to driving fast since she travels a lot.”
Kelly thought enviously. “Wasn’t that exhilarating?” Quinn sighed as they
climbed out of the car. “That’s the understatement of the year. My heart still
hasn’t got back to its regular pace and I can hardly walk ‘cause my knees are
wobbling.” Kelly gasped. Quinn laughed goodnaturedly. “Don’t worry. You’ll get
used to it.” Quinn held open a door. Warmth and delicious aromas floated out. “Come
on in.” “Nice place. What’s its name?” Kelly sighed as she wobbled towards the
door. “Come On Inn.” Quinn giggled

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Accident On The Highway. (I forgot which part)

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