Accident on The Highway Part 3

Last time on Accident on The Highway:  ”Here you are.” The nurse said, pushing open
the door.

Dan lay on
the bed, pale and wan, but when he saw the trio, his face stretched into a
feeble smile. “Ahh, there you are. Just seeing you guys makes me feel better
already.” Everyone started talking at once until Dan put up a hand. “Alright
guys, I can only listen to one at a time. Now, Dad, you go first.” “How did you
come to be here in Pittsburgh? Last time I spoke to you, you were still at the
animal preserve in Whitehorse, studying the Canadian Lynx.” Dad questioned “Do
I need a reason to visit my family?” Dan asked mischievously. “Of course not.
But when you’re coming, you usually call us. You’re hiding something, I can see
it on your face.” Mom said shrewdly. Kelly saw Dan’s eyes twinkle. “Aw, man.
Mom always figures it out. Well, I wanted to surprise you guys, besides I have
some big news for Kelly. And it gets pretty lonely living on a reserve
sometimes. If you’re going to ask, I’m not telling you just yet Kelly.” Dan
said grinning at the sight of her excited face. “Well, can you please give me a
hint?” Kelly begged. “Nope, not a hint.” He chuckled.  “You’re more cruel than I thought,” Kelly
said playfully swatting his arm. Dan winced. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. I
forgot you’d injured that arm.” Kelly said remorsefully. “No worries.
Even I forgot because I’m on pain meds.” Dan said lightly. The nurse
re-entered. “I’m sorry but you’ll soon have to leave because we need to make
sure that Dan gets enough rest.” “When will I be able to get back to my job?”
Dan asked. “We’re not sure yet, but it shouldn’t be too long.” The nurse said
hesitantly. “I’ll give you two more minutes to finish up your conversation, and
then you’ll have to leave okay?”

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Accident on The Highway Part 3

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