Final Accident on The Highway

 Last time: Quinn smiled
“As I always say, an object lesson is the best lesson.”

The next morning,
as she visited Dan at the hospital and watched the news story featuring the
Accident, she got a call. The call. “Good morning. Is this Kelly Adams?” “Yes.”
“I’m Whitney Fraser from the Take Care of Wildlife reserve in Whitehorse.” “Isn’t
that where my brother works?” Kelly noticed that Dan had a strange expression on
his face. When she shot him a questioning look, he just shrugged. “Yes. That’s
part of the reason I’m calling. I was told that you have taken many courses on
photography and have done a degree in zoology and wildlife filmmaking?” “That’s
right.” Kelly was even more confused now. “Well, based on your brother’s
reputation and his recommendation for you, I’d like to offer you a job as a
camera assistant.” “Wwwhat?” Kelly stared helplessly at Dan.  Dan’s face broke into a smile. “If you’re
interested, could you fly over to Whitehorse next week Monday for an interview?”
“Certainly. Thank you.” “Ok, I’ll be in touch via email. Have a great day.”  As soon as the call ended, Kelly squealed with
delight. As she rushed over to hug the elated Dan, she thanked God for the
lessons she had learnt and an opportunity to have her dream job.

Two months
later she was packing her suitcases to leave for Whitehorse. Kelly thought over
the amazing changes that had come to Pittsburg. The crash was a distant memory
in the citizens of Pittsburg’s minds. The TV program showing how the highway
had interfered with the citizens’ lives had brought them a lot of publicity. A
film producer had seen the quaint town and thought it was the perfect place to
film his next movie. That brought people flocking to the town to check it out
for themselves. The sudden influx of people had turned around the future of the
bakery where Molly worked. They had so many customers that they had to hire
more staff. Dan’s injury had healed enough that he could go back to work. At
present, he was preparing for Kelly’s arrival. Kelly couldn’t wait to start her
contract. She would miss Pittsburg, but she would be back often to visit her
parents, friends and beneficiary, Ella(who used to live in a car). “God really
makes ‘all things work together for’ His children.” She thought, smiling as she
zipped her suitcases.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this series. I have a few questions for you. Who was your favourite character? What was your favorite scene? What did you think of this story? Thank you very muchlolP.S. What story do you think I should do next?

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Final Accident on The Highway

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