Unknown Sides of Us, 4

Chapter 4

Being an over thinker was not the best thing for Miyeon right now. She had recently received a call from her friend Seojun urging her to come to where he was. Why? Miyeon did not know yet.

Miyeon rushed out of her friends house, at which she had devoured dinner, and jumped on her motorcycle. The motorcycle sprung to life and she was quickly on the road. The address was not very far away and Miyeon was shocked when she saw where the address was sending her to, the mall. Why on Earth would her introvert, never-going-outside friend ask her to come to the mall with him? Miyeon pondered as she found a parking spot. She quickly recognised a familiar motorcycle. The motorcycle of Seojun. She took the parking spot next to him and started walking to to the entrance of the mall. The mall was a massive building. It was white with murals painted on the sides of different stores. The whole mall had 2 bright blue stripes surrounding the front on the top of the building. The doors were glass and had gold handles which made Miyeon eager to open the door but was slightly disappointed when someone else opened the door for her. She muttered a “thank you” and entered the mall. She was welcomed with the sweet smell of gingerbread cookies. Although it was barely the middle of November, the whole city seemed to already be celebrating Christmas. The stores had Christmas lights on them, the cafes were selling hot chocolate and filled the air with the sweet smell of gingerbread, meanwhile the stores had already pulled out the coats and puffy jackets for the upcoming holidays. The people seemed to also be already thinking ahead. The children gathered around the toy stores, girls surrounded the clothes stores and giggled and proclaimed which sweater they wanted to receive, the majority of people had already wrapped presents tucked safely under their arms. Miyeon smiled slightly and continued walking down the mall. She pulled out her phone and texted Seojun.


                                     where are you?

Behind you.

Miyeon whipped her head around and slightly jumped when she saw Seojun right behind her. ‘Awoo, Jumpscare!’ Miyeon thought. Seojun chuckled as he saw Miyeon jump. “Hello Miyeon, you drive awfully slow.” Seojun complained as they started to walk down the aisles of the mall overcrowded with people.

“The traffic was horrible! I almost got hit as well!” Miyeon explained as ran her hand through her medium length, dark brown slightly wavy hair.

“I really do fear that we might lose you due to your lack of attention.” Seojun answered as they started to walk slower since he asked Miyeon to walk slower as she was practically sprinting around the mall.

“Well you won’t get rid of me yet, also, why are we here?” Miyeon stopped walking and turned around to look at Seojun. Slightly raising her head to look at him.

“Miyeon,” Seojun started as he looked back down at her, “what day is it?”
“November 13” Miyeon replied.

“What happens in 2 days?” Seojun asked.

“I… don’t remember, am I supposed to know?” Miyeon questioned carefully.

“Miyeon, it’s Alex’s birthday in 2 days, I asked you to come so you could help me pick out a gift for her.” Seojun explained.

Miyeon gasped, “How could I forget! Am so dense!” Miyeon exclaimed surprised that she had forgotten about her friend’s birthday. “Okay then… is that what you called me for? You got me so worried! I thought something happened! Although, what are we getting her?” Miyeon asked as they started walking again aimlessly.

“I don’t know… Alex has mixed likings.” Seojun admitted. They entered a clothing store.

“Well, in that case let’s just get her something we’d think she’d like!” Miyeon spoke as they started to searching for a present to give to their friend.

Miyeon hated and regretted shopping with Seojun. She hoped she never had to go shopping with him again. He was the type of person to pick something then ask if he should get it, spend an hour looking for something else and end up with the first thing they picked. After five hours of searching they had gotten gifts for Alex. Seojun had picked out snacks, books, and small gift cards. Miyeon had picked out stationery, skincare, clothes and a few designer clothes. They were absolutely exhausted and had decided to go eat somewhere. After a few minutes of bickering and fighting they decided on going to an Italian restaurant.  After eating their full they started to head home. The restaurant was in the middle of the packed city therefore parking was far away and they had to walk a while to get the parking area. Miyeon breathed in the cold air as she slightly shivered. The air was filled with random foods, and smoke from the cars around them, the air was also filled with the sound of honking, sirens, people walking and chattering, music from different stores and areas, and lastly, Seojuns own voice.

“Miyeon you’re shivering so much!” Seojun exclaimed. Miyeon was trembling.  “Well so are you!” Miyeon replied back.      The two started bickering and picking on each other again.

Shorter than I wanted it to be and basically just a filler chapter but I need more sleep soooo yea. Sorry lol I will hopefully post another chapter since I finally get a break from school. I intended to post earlier but I couldn’t since I had a lot of projects and school stuff. Also am excited to write Alex’s birthday party so we’ll see more of her since I want to include her more cause she’s also a main character!
Until next time!
-skittle 🙂 

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  1. This is a good beginning. I am glad they got gifts for her birthday. I am looking forward to the next story. I can’t wait to read how she liked her birthday party.

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Unknown Sides of Us, 4

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