Unknown Sides of Us, 1

First of all : !This is all fiction I will mention some real life skaters just for the sole purpose of making it seem more real but this did not happen in their lives!  I don’t remember most of the names so there will be new names, characters, and stuff. I didn’t really like the old plot so I will be fixing it and taking away some stuff. I wish I started better but I don’t wanna start from the beginning so here we are. I think I ended off on chapter 23 but I don’t remember…

Quick summary:  Kim Miyeon is a 18 year old Korean figure skater. She is currently training for her next figure skating competition, the National Championships, 2nd to last competition before the Olympics. The story will mix with her daily life and figure skating life as well.

Where we are so far: Miyeon is pursuing her dream in medicine, she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to focus on in medicine but she will figure it out soon as she’s done with her senior year of high school . She has passed her first figure skating competition (there are 4 if your a senior in figure skating)  with a mid injury, clashing with another skater during warm ups but it doesn’t affect her much.

main people~


Kim Miyeon ~

age- 19

career choice- medicine and figure skating

nationally – Korean

personality – cold at first, quiet, smart, funny, easygoing once meeting her, kind and master at Kung Fu oh and great at skating!

looks – black/brown medium length  hair, pale, average height, really pretty.


Lee Seojun ~

nationally- Korean

age- 18 a bit older by weeks

career choice- also medicine

personality – cold and mean looking but really nice and caring to his close friends and family

looks- tall for his age, cold stern look, quite handsome, dark brown hair

Alexis Wilson~


nationally – British

age – 18 younger than Miyeon by a few days

personality – quiet when asked, really loud when not, nice, funny, and outgoing but really only stays close to her two best friends, Miyeon and Seojun.

looks- honey golden hair, shorter than Miyeon by a bit, really pretty too.

I will draw or show some pics of how they kinda look like later when I have more time..

Let’s get into it!

Chapter 23 –  picking up again.

Kim Miyeon regretted her choice at picking school.

The second test of her semester was coming up soon and all she has been focusing on was her short program for the Nationals coming up in 2 weeks. Groaning as she turned off her computer for the day she flopped back into her bed. She liked her apartment. It was quite big for an apartment especially for a  19 year old living alone. But she was filthy rich thanks to her families company. Her parents were living in Korea right now while she and her brother were living in Toronto, Canada for two different reasons. Well, first, Miyeon was in Toronto for her figure skating training and medical school. Her brother was here to finish up his business degree.

Miyeon sighed as she looked around her room. not fancy not simple. A bed filled with plushies and covers took up one side of her room near the clear open widow side of the room which gave a beautiful view to the cold city covered in leaves for the Autumn. The other side consisted of her messy desk filled with stationary  and the many medical and other books which lined up her bookshelf which she and Seojun made. Oh, who is Seojun? Her best friend and partner in crime. The rest of her room was filled with small trinkets and  stuff that made up her room. The rest of the house? Not much. She stayed in her room most of the time she was home.

Miyeon quickly got for bed as she had school tomorrow. Resting in her bed for once, she closed her eyes and expect to fall asleep like everyone did. But she didn’t. Instead she spent the next hour rolling around and trying to sleep. At 2:00 a.m. she managed to fall asleep.

The cold wind howled and blew harshly as Miyeon tried to cover herself up with Alexis’s borrowed school jacket as she was in such a rush to get to school to put on her own jacket,  which actually belonged to Seojun, that was stashed in her backpack. She fixed her hair and uniform as she entered the warm and welcoming school. The school was just the same as always. The grey lockers were still grey, the hall was nice and clean as always, and there was the familiar sound of loud students in the classroom. She walked up the stairs to her own classroom. Classroom  A.1, which was the homeroom to the Seniors of the high school. The school was separated into floors. The freshman got the first floor, the sophomores got the second one, the juniors got the third one and lastly, the seniors got the fourth one. She prepared herself mentally before she entered the classroom. She was not ready to enter the school again after a week of absence.

that is the end of this chapter I hope you guys understand it and like so far I will try to write again soon!

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3 thoughts on “Unknown Sides of Us, 1”

  1. I love how they’re 18 and 19, but aren’t acting like mature adults, as some teens are doing. They’re still young and learning and growing. <3

  2. Ah. So this is the first chapter. Thank you for clarifying that it is fiction. It is a good story. It is a scenario that could have really happened. It brough back memories when I read about the character having her own apartment. I had friends from the culture mentioned in the story. It brought back memories. When math was mentioned, it reminded me of how I use to have trouble with that subject. Good story.

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Unknown Sides of Us, 1

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