Unknown Sides of Us, 2


Miyeon wished that she didn’t have to go to school again.

She wished that she could go back to her warm cozy home and just do absolutely  nothing.

But that’s not how life works.

She finally reached the 4th floor of her school, the senior floor of the high school.

She quietly crept to her grey locker and opened the locker door to collect her books for the day. She grabbed her Pre-Calculus book, oh! I forgot to mention one thing. She was ahead, and a high achiever of her grades.

She grabbed her biology book and her English book and put them in her almost new black Jan-sport back pack. She zipped up her bag with the small black cat key chain spinning as she zipped the bag up. Miyeon smiled as she noticed the key chain. She gave a lesson on how to crochet stuff  to her friends who were really bored in class that day. Which resulted in her friend Alexis making her a small key chain of her cat. She loved her small black cat that she had found in the ally a few months ago.

Miyeon sighed and started her way to her classroom.

A-1 Seniors/Math

The seniors had a home room but would switch class rooms for every subject.

She strolled into the loud classroom. She had arrived early. The seniors were huddled in different groups consisting of their friends. They were all talking and laughing loudly that Miyeon was sure that no one had seen her arrive. Good.

“Kim Miyeon!” Alexis her friend stood up from her desk and ran to greet her friend whom she had not seen in a week.

“Hello Alexis!” Miyeon returned the warm welcome as she hugged her friend.

“Miyeon! I thought you weren’t going to return! You left without telling any of us, for a week! And then you wouldn’t answer our calls and texts, why?”

Alexis ranted as they walked back to their seats.

“I’m sorry, I had to go visit my brother in Korea for a while because they so desperately needed me to sign some papers and then I decided to stay a while longer in Korea. I also had my phone on silence. Sorry!” Miyeon answered as she sat down on her desk. Right next to Alexis and Si-Woo’s desk.

Miyeon didn’t talk so much to Si-Woo but Si-Woo was a nice girl who was very friendly to everyone. She was also Korean which caused Miyeon to like her more because there wasn’t a lot of Korean girls in her class. Miyeon slipped into her desk which she shared with Seojun her other close friend. He was not there, so either he was late or he was hanging out with other people. Miyeon didn’t really mind. She talked to Alexis for a while longer until Seojun arrived. Seojun arrived and smiled when he saw that his friend had finally came to school after a long week.

“Hello Miyeon.” Seojun grinned as he took his seat next to Miyeon.

“Hey Seojun!” Miyeon answered her friend.

“Why were you gone for so long?” Seojun asked as he fixed his gaze of Miyeon.

“They needed me to sign something for my brother all the way in Korea.” Miyeon replied as she fiddled with her pen.

“That’s always fun.” Seojun said sarcastically as he put his keys in his backpack.

“Yup.” Miyeon sighed as she noticed the teacher come in the room.

Everyone else noticed and started to head back to their respective seats.


Miyeon started to put back her biology book in her backpack as the other students darted out the door to go to lunch. She headed to her locker and picked out a lone apple. Miyeon didn’t feel hungry these days and decided not to pack a lunch that she wasn’t going to eat. She joined her friends and some other classmates whom she also hung out with.

“Is that all you’re eating?” Nico, the pale boy with dark brown hair asked as he chugged down his chocolate milk.

“Yeah, I don’t feel hungry.” Miyeon responded as she messed around with her apple, such as rolling it from side to side between her hands.

“You’re never hungry these days Miyeon.” Hazel the dark curly haired girl  proclaimed as she dug into her pasta.

“I just… don’t feel hungry.” Miyeon admitted as she took a small bite of her apple.

The group let it go and started to talk about other things such as complaining about the school work and how excited they were to graduate and start college soon.


The school day ended soon enough and the students started to pack up and leave the warm school to enter the cold weather outside.

“Miyeon!” Alexis exclaimed as she opened her locker to get her books to leave. “Are you free after school? The study group wanted to know if you were going to join us tonight to study and finish homework.” Alexis announced as she zipped up her bag.

“I can’t, I have practice, and then  Seojun really needed help with his Biology assignment so am going to help him after practice. Do you wanna join us instead?” Miyeon suggested as she also grabbed her books.

“Hmm… Sure!” Alexis agreed as she started to look for her jacket, “Oh no! I left my jacket at home! The jacket I was using today was Si-Woo’s and I just returned it to her!” Alexis sighed as she blamed herself for not bringing a jacket.

“Oh! speaking of jackets,” Miyeon remembered as she took Alexis jacket off and held it out to her, “This is actually yours, I took it 2 weeks ago when I was cold and forgot to give it to you.” Miyeon gave the jacket to Alexis.

“Thanks Miyeon, but now you don’t have a jacket…” Aleixs faltered as she put on her jacket.

It’s okay! I still have Seojun’s zip up hoodie from forever ago.” Miyeon chuckled as she took it out of her back pack and put it on.

“Then that works as well!” Alexis said as she and Miyeon interlocked arms and started to walk out of the school.

“Is that my hoodie?” Seojun  acknowledged as he caught up to them outside the gate of the school.

“Yeah.” Miyeon nodded as the trio began to walk to the parking lot where Seojun’s motorcycle would be parked.

“Wow, stealing my stuff.” Seojun smiled as they spotted his motorcycle.

“Technically, you gave it to me but you took my hoodie from class trip.” Miyeon reminded him as they stood next in a small circle.

“Guess we’re even then!” Seojun stated.

They said their good byes and Miyeon and Alexis started to walk home as Seojun rode off on his Motorcycle.


Miyeon fell onto the cold hard ice again as she failed her triple axel again.

“Come on Miyeon, try again” Jun Hwan her figure skating friend told her as he helped her up. They were both on the same figure skating team for Korea, and bonded quickly as they trained together and were on the same team.

“Okay..” Miyeon said quite discouraged as she attempted it again.


Miyeon was sore from falling on the ice.

Yet, she forced herself to make it to her apartment and help her friends on their homework.

“This so hard!” Seojun grumbled as he flopped on Miyeons floor.

“It really isn’t that hard Lee Seojun! You just have to pay attention!” Alexis remarked as she and Miyeon sped through their biology assignment.

“But I am!” Seojun groaned as he struggled to finish his assignment.

After a while they all finished the assignment and went to a cafe to talk and catch up.

“Miyeon, are you finally coming to church this Saturday?” Alexis asked as she sipped her latte.

“I think so, I really want to go.” Miyeon confessed as she put down her matcha drink.

“You really should. It’s so annoying to be with Alex all the time.” Seojun joked as also sipped his drink.

“Hey! I am not annoying! It’s a blessing to be around me!” Alex protested as she flipped her honey hair behind her shoulders.

“Sure.” Miyeon also joked as she fiddled with her watch.


Miyeon arrived at her apartment late at night as she hoped for some very needed sleep. Looking at her clock, which read 11:26p.m. she hoped to fall asleep soon.

As she finally laid down on her bed out looking the city her phone buzzed.

“Hello?” Miyeon asked as she hoped it wasn’t anything too important to drag her out of her bed.

“Hi! It’s Si-Woo! I need some help with something could you please come to my house? Am so sorry its late and-”

“Yeah, its okay. I’ll be in a while.” Miyeon assured as she started to get out of bed and head to Si-Woo’s house at such a late hour.


That was quite a long chapter! Please comment if you like it so far and what you like or don’t like! I am trying to get back to writing again so it may be a bit rusty.

~Skittle <3

2 thoughts on “Unknown Sides of Us, 2”

  1. That’s totally fine! I am loving it so far, and I can’t wait for more. I can’t think of anything that you should change. Great story so far!!

  2. It is good to know how the series started. It is a nice story. It is interesting how ice skating was mentioned. It reminded me of how I too needed to be careful when I use to ice skate.

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Unknown Sides of Us, 2

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