Unknown Sides of Us, 3

Chapter 3 ~ 

Miyeon wished she could have gotten more sleep.

She sighed as she slowly got up from her bed and forced herself to go get ready.

She slipped on a hoodie and her Vans and made her way to the front door of her cozy apartment. She slipped on Seojuns leather jacket on top of her hoodie since it was really cold that night. Canada had no mercy when it came to the cold seasons. She went out the door and walked down the lonely hallway. The hallway had white walls and green carpet and Miyeon was glad it didn’t look like a haunted place. Miyeon pressed the button for the elevator and waited for the elevator to arrive. She looked at the mirrors on the sides of the small room for the elevator. She noticed her appearance, looking really tired.  She quickly straightened  her posture noticing how hunched she was and tried to look more awake. She silently rejoiced when the elevator didn’t have anyone in it. She walked down the fancy hallway and hurried to the sliding doors. She was faced with the bitter coldness of Toronto, Canada. She walked to where the parking area was and got to her motorcycle. She owned one but since she lived quite near school she just walked, she wasn’t as extra as Seojun. She clicked her keys and started her motorcycle. She started driving to Si-woo’s house which was the whole reason she was awake at such a late hour.

She felt the cold even more as she was driving and reminded herself to bring a warmer hoodie next time. As she waited on a stop sign she looked around the city. The city was still alive with people going places nonstop. The air was really cold and it was slightly windy which made it colder. She started driving again as the light turned bright green. After a few minutes she arrived to the area where Si-woo lived. Si-woo lived in a area quite away from the city. Si-woo actually lived in a house and not a apartment unlike many of the students. Miyeon pulled up to Si-woos house and knocked on her door.


“Si-Woo!” Si-woo’s mom called her daughter as she heard a motorcycle pull up to her driveway.

“Yes mom?” Si-woo answered as she came down the stairs and approached her mom.

“What are you doing inviting people at such a late hour?” Her mom asked as she finished her tea.

“Am sorry, I really needed help with my homework.” Si-woo admitted as she started for the door.

Si-woo opened the door quickly as she noticed Miyeon shivering and pulling her leather jacket closer. Si-woo quickly opened the door and invited Miyeon in.


Miyeon was drained out.

Emotionally, physically and mentally.

She barely got enough energy for the school day. She really wished Si-woo would have picked up on the Algebra quicker and when she didn’t, Miyeon had to go over everything until Si-woo finally understood what she was doing.

Miyeon put on her school uniform, her skirt and white button up with the schools logo on it and slipped on the schools blazer. But since it was really cold, she slipped on Seojun’s jacket again. She really started to get attached to the jacket. Then she grabbed her backpack and started walking to school. She sipped her coffee to wake her up to at least make it through school. She made it to school and walked inside the warm building. She got what she needed from her locker and walked into class. She quickly spotted her friend sitting in her desk trying to finish her math homework that was due today.

“Hey Alex.” Miyeon breathed as she took a seat next to her friend.

“Hello Miyeon,” Alex said not taking her eyes off her homework “How are you and Seojun ahead in math? I can barely do fractions!” Alex exclaimed as she finished the first question on her page. “Miyeon?” Alex asked as she noticed she wasn’t getting a response. “Miyeon!” Alex whisper shouted as she noticed that Miyeon was zoning out.

“What? oh am sorry, what were you saying?” Miyeon asked as she quit her zoning out and urge to fall asleep.


It was biology class and Miyeon was feeling very sleepy.

“Miyeon,” Seojun asked as he noticed her tiredness, “I know your always tired and need more sleep, but why are you so tired today?”  Seojun whispered as they continued taking notes from their biology teacher.

“Si-woo asked me to help her with her algebra when I was about to sleep,  but she didn’t catch on quick enough and I had to keep explaining the same thing to her.” Miyeon whispered back as she recalled how much Si-woo was struggling last night.

“Well Si-woo doesn’t look very tired at all.” Seojun whispered back as they glanced to where the girl was looking very bright and asking the teacher a question.

“Yea, well she took a long nap before calling me.” Miyeon mentioned as she went back to her notes.

After a while Seojun noticed that Miyeon had her head on the desk and was wondering if she had fallen asleep. He got Alex’s attention and motioned to her to see if Miyeon was asleep. Alex motioned back that Miyeon was in fact, asleep. Miyeon had hopelessly fallen asleep during class. He held his breath as the teacher turned towards their way and noticed Miyeon sleeping. The teacher shrugged it off and continued teaching.  Seojun sighed and grabbed Miyeons notebook and started taking notes for himself and Miyeon.


“Miyeon!” Alexis exclaimed as the trio, she, Miyeon and Seojun were talking during lunch, “You can’t fall asleep in class anymore! Honestly Miyeon,  you have to sleep more!” Alexis ranted as they walked to the near store. The high school allowed for the students to go to the nearby stores and restaurants near the school for lunch time.

“I tired so hard not to fall asleep but I failed!” Miyeon confessed as they entered the convenience store.

“You have to stay awake now because its tiring taking notes for two people.” Seojun stated as he picked out a drink. The trio wasn’t feeling very hungry so they only grabbed a drink.

“I can’t make promises.” Miyeon admitted as she picked out her drink “But you were sooo nice and took my notes for me!” Miyeon teased Seojun as she grabbed her drink.

“I could have chosen to not take your notes for you.” Seojun remarked as he and Miyeon were going to pay since Alexis was going to take forever choosing her drink.

“But you didn’t.” Miyeon objected as they finished paying.

Seojun playfully rolled his eyes at her and then noticed Alexis running up to them. “Alexis…” Seojun started, “You have the same drink you started with.” Seojun noted as Alexis was struggling to open her drink.

“Well I couldn’t choose!” Alexis was still struggling with her drink. Miyeon grabbed Alexis drink and opened it easily. “Thank Miyeon! At least someones nice.” Alexis joked as she chugged down her drink.


Miyeon was really struggling with her axels on the ice. She tried again and again but she couldn’t get it.

“Are you still struggling?” Jun Hwan asked as he helped Miyeon up from the ice again.

“Yea…” Miyeon sighed as she got up again.

“Look, I’ll help you.” Jun Hwan offered as they skated across the rink “But, you have to get your jump in because we have a skating competition soon.” He reminded Miyeon as they stopped skating and leaned on the wall of the rink

“Oh! I forgot about that! I have to revise my free skate then.” Miyeon grumbled as they continued to complain about about their programs.


Miyeon took extra time for practice until she finally got her jump. She was headed to Alexis house now since Alexis mom wanted to invite her for dinner. She was riding her motorcycle to Alexis house.

Alexis heard her friends motorcycle and opened the door greeting her weary friend. “Hello Miyeon!” Alexis waved excitingly to Miyeon. “Hurry up! Am so hungry!”

Miyeon smiled as she entered the cozy house of her friend.


Miyeon was cutting out paper fish with Alexis after dinner.

The little kids sabbath school teacher had asked Alexis if she could help cut out fish for the activity the upcoming sabbath. She had agreed.

“Alexis you just had agree.” Miyeon grumbled as she struggled to cut out the complicated fish.

“Sorry Miyeon but for some reason I wanted to cut out fish.” Alexis said as she threw another fish into the pile of already cut fish.

“Your phone’s ringing.” Alexis acknowledged.

“I’ll get it.” Miyeon answered as she picked up her phone, not bothering to check the caller. “Hello?” Miyeon said as she continued to cut out her fish. “What? Okay, I’ll be there.” Miyeon hung up quickly as she started to gather her stuff to leave.

“Who was it?” Alexis asked, “Are you leaving?”

“Seojun, and yes I have to leave, sorry!” Miyeon said quickly hugging her friend “I’ll help you cut out more fish later!” Miyeon said as she exited her friends room.

“Okay, bye!” Alexis said she continued to cut out fish.

“Bye!” Miyeon called out behind her as she dashed down the stairs.

“Am leaving Mrs.Wilson, Thank you for the food!” Miyeon bid her goodbyes as quick as she could and then left the house.


That’s it, I’ll try to post every week since they update the website every week soooo yeah! Pls tell me in the comments if you like this or not, and tell me if yours confused about something or if you have a question or any more ideas cause I do need them. Till next time!

~Author Skittle <3

6 thoughts on “Unknown Sides of Us, 3”

  1. I am really loving this story. It’s really good!! I am not confused about anything. I don’t have any questions. Some ideas: include some of what the teachers are saying; add some other classes, like history, music, and art; add in some more about her skating; and more about life other then skating and school. Hope that helps.

  2. Are you really going to post this week? Because I love “Unknown Sides of Us”, and I cannot wait for more. 😍💯💖

    Keep up the good work, Skittle! 👍

    • I wrote down one chapter for the week before Thanksgiving but it isn’t out yet… But since I have break this Thanksgiving week I probably will write more!

      • YES! Thank you! 😍

        I love it so much, and I really love Miyeon and Alexis! In fact, you and @LegoSophia have inspired me to write on Guide again! It’s a story called “The Blame Game”, and Guide should put two chapters of it out soon! <3

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Unknown Sides of Us, 3

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