Olive Branches, Chapter 16

Hola Guidesters! I’m just going to post snippets of chapter 16 since it was a bit violent and go straight into chapter 17. This chapter was by KhrizKoolKatz

Thursday, September 10 – Thaddeus Goodwin

I woke up to the sound of my mother panicking. 

“Ian, come quick! Thaddeus’s bed is covered in blood!”

When my dad burst into my bedroom, he looked at the bed and then me. I didn’t realise it at first, but then I knew there was blood emanating from my right shoulder. My shoulder started to ache again. That’s why most of the bloodstain was on the right side. Staring at the giant blotches, I remembered the events of last night.

It was 10 P.M. The boys and I went to get revenge on the rival gang that invaded our territory. We attacked them without them noticing at the start. But when they did, things got worse. They got out their guns and knives. Shots were fired. Our gang retreated.

“Guys, where were you?” Zach called out as he saw us approaching. But as we came closer, they noticed the blood dripping from my shoulder. “Dude, what happened?”

 Kyle told them what occurred while I leaned against a pole. The guys walked toward me. Jace said, “Dude,” he patted my back, “Good job. I never thought you woulda done that but–” he paused. He told me that I didn’t have to join their meetings anymore, but the gang would be there for me whenever I needed. They were still my friends, but I wasn’t with Team Infinite, anymore. When I got home, I washed the wound, wrapped my shoulder in a towel, taped it to hold it, and went to bed.

“Thad,” my dad said solemnly, looking gravely at my injured shoulder. “Wh–What happened?”

 I told him and my mother, who was listening from the bedroom, a fabrication about being threatened by a robber. 

“Okay then, I’ll notify the police,” my father said as I celebrated internally, “after I drop you off at school.” I frowned. He covered my wound with two layers of sterile gauze, wrapped it in a towel, and put my arm in a sling. Then, he drove me to school. Great. I was going to school (of all the places) in a sling.

We walked down the hallway to the classroom. It was around 10, so we’d be interrupting class. And we did. I strolled to my seat with a darker expression than normal on my face. I noticed that Zane wasn’t here. 

“Great,” I muttered. As my father was talking with the teacher, I felt a tap on my shoulder: yes, the bad one. I winced in pain. 

“Sorry,” said a familiar voice behind me. 

“Oh no, not her,” I thought while trying to figure out how to end this conversation.

“Whaddaya want?” I growled as I whirled around to face my antagonist.

“Uhh…what happened?” She asked gently, pointing to my sling. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Hannah glaring at her best friend.

“Nothing,” I mumbled. I turned around to face the front.

When it was finally lunchtime, I stormed off to the cafeteria. I saw Zane walking toward me.

Of course, when he got close, he wore a surprised expression on his face. “Dude, what exactly happened?”

I slammed my fist on the table. Everyone looked up. Silence.

“Why won’t you quit…?” I glared into DK’s tender eyes and stormed out of the cafeteria. As I did, Zane mumbled an apology to them and followed me.

“I told you this was a bad idea,” Hannah whispered loudly to her companion.

I leaned against the wall with my hand covering my face.

“Dude, what was that?” I looked to see Zane confused.

“Sorry, man. She’s been bugging me all day,” I muttered.

“Alright, dude. Chill,” Zane said. “So, what exactly happened there?”

“Oh, this?” I pointed to my sling. He nodded. I told him the events that occurred last night, not leaving out any details.

“Seriously? You got shot?!” He exclaimed.

“Shhh! If anyone hears this, Imma goner.”


Lunch was over, and we headed back to class. I said nothing for the rest of the day. Only just staring at the clock, watching the time go by. Just one second at a time. Sigh.

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Olive Branches, Chapter 16

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