Olive Branches, Chapter 11

This chapter was written by pathfinder4ever!

Tuesday, September 8 – Omari Brown

My heart raced as I turned to my left and right. 

Everywhere I looked, herds of dark, unfamiliar figures were after me. I slowly bent over to tie my loosened shoe lace. As I did so I saw Hannah; her face pale and eyes filled with fear. 


Her voice slowly faded into the darkness.

I lunged forward with all my might but lost my balance.

I tumbled over into a heap of sharp, jagged rocks. I tried to get up, but every bone in my body was crippled with agonizing pain. I screamed, but no sound came. My voice felt dry and coarse, and the most sound I could get out was a mere whisper. My throat and eyes stung from the dust. I could hardly breathe as sweat soaked every part of my body. 

Suddenly, a shrill beeping sound filled the air. My heart began racing with fear.


I quickly got up and looked around, but to my surprise I was surrounded by soft blankets and my white pillow. 

Oh, wait. That was all a dream…

I slightly laughed. I hardly ever remember my dreams, but here I was. 

What an odd dream. 

I looked at my clock and realised I had overslept.

I quickly got dressed for school, and in no time we were there. 

As I walk through the hall, I’m greeted by one of the boys that sat by me during lunch.

“Sup, Omar?”

I nod and throw a quick wave. 

I couldn’t remember his name, oops….

Oh wait, Tim, that’s his name.

He reminds me of Tyler Herro for some reason. Jeez, he’s so tall.

Sometimes I find myself wishing I wasn’t so short. 

5’ 2” at 14. I mean c’mon, I’m the exact height as my twin sister. Which girl wants a shorty like me?

 I sigh as I slowly slip into my seat next to Hannah. She looks at me and smiles. “Hey Omari, morning!!”

“Morning Hannah.” For the first time, I speak without muffling my own voice.

Hannah slightly sits back and looks at me very hard with a bit of shock on her face.

“Wow…” “I didn’t know you had such a deep voice!”

I smile and nod my head as I tap my pencil on my desk.

They don’t call me Mr. Smoke for nothing….

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Olive Branches, Chapter 11

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