Olive Branches, Chapter 13

This chapter was written by JoyBaker.
Wednesday, September 9 – Maelynn Beaufort

After school, I go over to the twin whose name I always forget.

What’s her name? Ugh, I’m so bad at names… … Oh! Was it Ayesha? I think that’s her name.

“Hi, Ayesha!”

 “Hey, Mae! Oh, I didn’t realise that rhymed,” she laughs.

“ What do you like to do?”  she asks, still smiling.  

“I like… um… I like  doing puzzles, I also like playing my harp.” 

“Wow! You play the harp?” 

“Yeah, I started last year, so I’m not very good yet.”

“Well, it was nice meeting you! I think I have to go soon,” Ayesha says, looking around.

“Ok, later!” I reply.

I start walking around to the other side of the school to see what my brother, Percy, is doing.

I see Timmy walking, with his arms swinging at his side. He’s looking at D.K.

Then he bumps into a maple tree. I cover my mouth, trying not to laugh. 

He rubs his head and looks at the tree as if it is a person who just insulted him. 

I look away, giggling.

 “Hi Lynn!” he smiles. 

“Hi,” I say, still trying not to laugh. 

What!? Only my mother calls me Lynn. 

Maybe he heard mom calling me yesterday. Ugh.

“What’s up?” he asks.

“I’m fine, I think I’ll go on a walk later,” I say, slightly turning away.

“Nice, where?” 

“I don’t know, I heard there is a creek nearby.”

“Oh, I’ve been wanting to go there. I might actually go today.”

There’s an awkward silence. 

 “I’m going to see what my brother’s doing.” 

“Ok, see you later!” he smiles. 

 I’d prefer to go on a walk by myself… 

I turn away, fiddling with my watch. I start walking but turn around to see Timmy staring at me.

I give him a strange look and quickly walk away. 

 I see Percy talking to Timmy’s little brother.

They look about the same age.

“Salut Percy! Est-il votre ami?” 

Oops, I sometimes switch to speaking French without realising.

“Salut Mae! Oui, This is my friend Cole!”

“Oh, Hi Cole!”

“Nice to meet you!” He grins, and glances at Percy. 

They both start snickering. 

“Huh?” I look around. “What are you two laughing at?” 

They keep giggling. I shrug. I turn around to see my mom talking to Davi.

“Anyway, it’s time to go.”

I go over to D.K and Hannah. “Later!” I wave.

 When we get home, I get a snack, then finish my homework. 

I decide I will still go on a walk. My parents allow me to go,

 so I ask Sabina and Percy if they want to come.

“Yes! I’m going to bring my scooter.” Sabina runs to get her shoes.

“I’ll come!” Percy says. “ I’ll ask if Cole can come too.”

“Okay,”  I say, I put on my running shoes.

“I’ll wait outside,” I say.

“Cole can come!!” Percy grins, 5 minutes later.

“Let’s go! Mom said we should be back by 6.”

I run, to keep up with Sabina, who is happily scooting down the path.

Hmm, I think we turn left… Umm… Here!

“Sabina, we turn here.” 

We walk to the stream. The gravel crunches under my feet.

I look up at the beautiful blue sky. I hear, Plop, plop, splash.

I look around and by the stream, I see Timmy, skipping stones.
Cole runs over to Percy.

“Do you know how to skip stones?” he asks Percy and Sabina.

“Oh! You’re Cole!” Sabina exclaimes, looking up at him.

 “Can you show me how to skip stones?” she asks. 

“Ok, come with me.” 

The three run to the stream.

I sit down on the ground, counting smooth stones. 1… 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… 

I’m hoping to seem busy. It’s scary for me to talk to people. 

Timmy walks over to me.

 Oh dear, now what do I do? I think.
“Hi, Mae! ”

“Ummm… Hi,” I answer, nervously.

“No need to be shy,” he encourages.

 I get up. I see Percy throwing stones. They make a big splash in the water. 

“Percy doesn’t seem to be getting the hang of it.” I chuckle nervously.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he laughs. “He doesn’t get that you have to get a flat, smooth stone and throw it, spinning, as parallel to the surface of the water as possible.”

I glance down at the purple watch on my wrist.


“I can show you how to skip stones.” Timmy offered

“Uhhhhh… Umm… ok?”

 I pick up a small smooth stone and follow Timmy’s instructions, glancing at my watch almost every 2 minutes. 

After a while, when I gently throw the stones, they bounce on the surface of the water once before dropping into the water.


“Oh, I have to go now,” I say.

“Ok, you’re getting better at this,” Timmy replies.


“Percy, Sabina, it’s time to go.”

“Ok!” They both say at the same time.

Sabina gets her scooter, and we go home.

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Olive Branches, Chapter 13

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