Comic collection by Randy Fishell.

Meet Tucker Barnes, a boy who has heaps of faith but not a lot of brains.

Tucker Barnes Collection

Tucker Barnes: Daffy Definition

When it's too much trouble to open a dictionary.

Tucker Barnes: Who Was That Masked Man?

Tucker can't quite see the problem.

Tucker Barnes: Attitude Adjustment

You're in my prayers, dirtbag.

Tucker Barnes: Gray Day

And you thought blondes had more fun.

Tucker Barnes: Scent-sational

There's something in the air at Tucker's school.

Tucker Barnes: Heavy Metal

The most memorable metal man from the Bible makes an impression on Tucker Barnes.

Tucker Barnes: A few rude words

Otis is failing poetry appreciation class.

Tucker Barnes: Watch Out!

Introducing the adventures of Captain Oblivious.

Tucker Rekcut

Can I get your order, please?

Tucker Barnes: Dealing With Flakes

Some people get the wrong idea.

Tucker Barnes: So Mature

Tucker's fashion sense is as bad as his common sense.

Tucker Barnes Knocks Twice

There's a hole in the middle of this joke.

Tucker Barnes: Art Class Sass

Maybe Tucker should wait for more talent.

Tucker Barnes: Hole-in-None

If birds could get in, they should feel really safe.

Tucker Barnes: Hail Caesar

Wait. That wasn't in the history books.

Tucker Barnes: Otis Takes It on the Chin

The unkindest cut of all.

Tucker Barnes: Gourmet Goat

Presentation is everything.

Tucker Barnes: Drawn Out

Tucker may have more talent for rhymes than art.

Tucker Barnes: Goodbye Teacher

She seems glad to be going.

Tucker Barnes: So Mature

Tucker discovers that boys mature at, ah, different rate than girls.

Tucker Barnes: Discussion Question

I feel sorry for the goat. He never gets included in Christmas nativity plays and now this.

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