Comic collection by Randy Fishell.

Meet Tucker Barnes, a boy who has heaps of faith but not a lot of brains.

Tucker Barnes Collection

Tucker Barnes: Buzz Cut

Share and shear alike.

Tucker Barnes: Poison Dreams

Tucker dreams that candy may not be good for him.

Tucker Barnes: Do the Do’s

Here's a different way of looking at Sabbath do's and don'ts.

Tucker Barnes: Pass It On

It only takes a spark to get a fire going.

Tucker Barnes: Taste for Adventure

Here's a little something for those who miss potluck.

Tucker Barnes: Poetry in Commotion

Does this sound right to you?

Tucker Barnes: Jump Scare

The Bible says those that live by the sword will die by the sword. Tucker should have listened.

Tucker Barnes: The Sabbath Tooth

A free toothbrush after every visit.

Tucker Barnes: Haircut

How long since you had a haircut, Rico? Maybe you should have waited a little longer.

Tucker Barnes: Lovestruck

Is this what they mean by falling in love?

Tucker Barnes: The Art of the Deal

Tucker is a tough negotiator.

Tucker Barnes: Who Was That Masked Man?

Tucker can't quite see the problem.

Tucker Barnes: Homework Horror

Tucker Barnes is back and he's got a problem!

Tucker Barnes: Blood Brother

Tucker Barnes: "I'm willing to give my blood, sweat, and tears to help my fellow man."

Tucker Barnes: Special Diet

Here's someone who just feels safer around vegetarians.

Tucker Barnes: Let’s (Not) Rock

Sometimes the gift of music is not a gift.

Tucker Barnes: Getting Your Goat

The goat had a weak spot. What is yours?

Tucker Barnes: Scent-sational

There's something in the air at Tucker's school.

Tucker Barnes: Ugly Love

Do you judge a goat by it's outside appearance?

Tucker Barnes: Watch Out!

Introducing the adventures of Captain Oblivious.

Tucker Barnes Tickles You

Fourth down and Tucker decides to pun it.

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