Comic collection by Randy Fishell.

Meet Tucker Barnes, a boy who has heaps of faith but not a lot of brains.

Tucker Barnes Collection

Video Announces a Tucker Barnes Book

Pacific Press has just announced a full-length Tucker Barnes book, titled Tucker Digs In.

Tucker Barnes: Scent-sational

There's something in the air at Tucker's school.

Tucker Barnes: Drop Your Weapon

His lunch is attracting the wrong kind of attention.

Tucker Barnes: The Sabbath Tooth

A free toothbrush after every visit.

Tucker Barnes: Poetry in Commotion

Does this sound right to you?

Tucker Barnes: The Art of the Deal

Tucker is a tough negotiator.

Tucker Barnes: Goodbye Teacher

She seems glad to be going.

Tucker Barnes: Taste for Adventure

Here's a little something for those who miss potluck.

Tucker Barnes: Dealing With Flakes

Some people get the wrong idea.

Tucker Barnes: Poison Dreams

Tucker dreams that candy may not be good for him.

Tucker Barnes: Who Was That Masked Man?

Tucker can't quite see the problem.

Tucker Barnes: So Mature

Tucker discovers that boys mature at, ah, different rate than girls.

Tucker Barnes: Drawn Out

Tucker may have more talent for rhymes than art.

Tucker Barnes: No Good, Awful Day

This day is a disaster and Tucker wants to know why?

Tucker Barnes: By the Book

Tucker does things by the book. But is that a good thing?

Tucker Barnes: Man of Many Hats

What's with Tucker and his hats?

Tucker Barnes: Bible Study Bully

What happens when a bully accidentally ends up in a Bible study.

Tucker Barnes: Spell Failure

Tucker Barnes talks about dealing with failure.

Tucker Barnes: The Bitter Truth

"What are you eating, there?"

Tucker Barnes: Worth the Wait

Sometimes you need to hold on a little longer.

Tucker Barnes: Freak Out!

Tucker's Halloween plans are a little scary.
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