Shipwreck, Chapter 3

Previously: Kobe heard weird noises on the cruise ship that he’s on. When he looks to see what they are, he finds out that the ship is sinking…

Screams and panic suddenly filled the air. Water continued to flood under the door. I had to find a way to escape. I just had to! I sloshed my way towards the door, and reached out my hand. But before I could open it, the entire hull of the ship turned upside down and I was thrown against the ceiling.

“My knee!” I screamed in pain as a table, some couch cushions piled on top of me.

I was pinned down! The pain in my knee continued to grow, and besides that, my head was completely under water now. I tried my best to push the wooden table off of me, and eventually a strong shove succeeded. I quickly sat up, but the pain in my knee was dreadful now. I struggled to stand. My thoughts were racing. Everything was a blur.

Oh no! The door is up there! How will I get out?! My knee! I thought. I realized that after the ship had turned upside down, the door was near the top now.

The one thing that was kinda good was that there was now no way for the the water to get in, but there was also no way to get out either. And the ship was rapidly sinking, so eventually the water would get in. I looked around. Surely there must be a way to escape! Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind.

The window! If I can break it, I could escape! Just one problem. The window was also at the top, and I couldn’t quite reach it. There was just one thing to do. I grabbed a metal lamp post, yanked the shade off and unscrewed the lightbulb.

I had always enjoyed rock climbing as a hobby. Now was a chance to use it. With my knee still throbbing, I grabbed the bed that had fallen, and positioned it under the window. I could see from that window that the ship was completely underwater now. Water started coming in again. I had to hurry!

I got on top of the bed, and pulled the wooden table on top of that. I carefully balanced myself on top of the table, and glanced up at the window. This had to work! I gave a leap and grabbed onto the window sill, which was just barely big enough to hold on to. I took the lamp post in my hand and banged the window with it. It cracked at first, and then a little bit more. I gave it one more bang, and it shattered into a million pieces.

All the water outside the ship rushed inside, and my hold on the sill loosened. As my room filled up with water, I figured I could just swim out of the window. It worked. But now I had another problem.

I was outside of the ship, but I was really deep underwater. I tried my best to swim up, but the air was escaping out of my lungs. I panicked, and tried to swim faster. The water was freezing, and things were getting dark fast.

I’m almost there! Keep going! Keep g… The world grew pitch black as I was swept into unconsciousness.

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Shipwreck, Chapter 3

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