You still love me.

Please teach me in Your way,
please help me to stay
in Your path for meee!
Oh Jjjjjjjjesusssss!  
Your LOVE is everlasting, 
You died for us all
Time is always passing
I hear your CALL! 
Oh I need You, Jjjjjjjjesusssss! 
You love me for who I am,
You are the Lamb!
Your blood is shed for us,
We are but only dust!
I am the candle, (Echo) 
You are the light,
I am weak, (Echo)
You give me might,
For I am the clay,
You mold me,
I am the stream,
You are the sea.
I am the sand,
You are the beach,
I am the blossom,
You are the peach. 
I am the pebble,
You are the Rock,
I am lame,
You make me walk. 
I am the door,
You are the key,
I am made of dust,
but You still love me.

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You still love me.

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