Writer’s Challenge

I issue all writers on Guide a solemn challenge:
In each of the 3 short stories you are to write, it can be very short or long-ish, that’s up to you. However, these 3 short stories will have a bit of a challenge… hence the name. I am going to, in each of the stories marked 1-3, choose an object, genre, or theme that you will have to follow. It gets harder with each story grin
Of course, the rules are that you have to follow the object, genre, or theme, but other than that, you can choose anything I don’t specify.
Story #1
Object: bicycle
Story #2
Object: Apple
Genre: Adventure
Story #3
Object: xylophone
Genre: Romance
Theme: lighthearted
And also, of course, each is to have a moral of the story. Not that it has to be specified, but a Biblical lesson that takes place throughout the story. I hope you all have fun, and I will soon be posting M&R!

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Writer’s Challenge

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